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DVD Review: Mr. Brooks

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In the movie Mr. Brooks, Kevin Costner produces an intense character that elevates the movie to the top of the list of contemporary thrillers.

Kevin Costner plays the role of Mr. Brooks, a sociopath widely known as the Thumbprint Killer that struggles with his murderous addiction. After a two-year break from killing, Mr. Brooks receives a “Man of the Year” award. This prompts his imaginary friend named Marshall to resurface and convince Mr. Brooks to kill again. Marshall is played by William Hurt.

Demi Moore plays the role of Detective Tracy Atwood, an extraordinarily wealthy detective that continues to bring crime to justice with no apparent motivation. When the Thumbprint Killer strikes again, Atwood finds herself entangled in a divorce and looking for anything to keep her mind occupied.

A third character surfaces in the form of a photographer played by Dane Cook who calls himself Mr. Smith. The plot thickens when Mr. Smith threatens to reveal the identity of the Thumbprint Killer unless Mr. Brooks allows him to come along on his next killing.
The plot is psychologically more demanding than its peers, which makes it the best thriller in ages. The movie is filmed from a very casual perspective that draws the viewer into being comfortable with the murder scenes.

Director Bruce Evans did a great job at revealing only what was necessary for the continuation of the plot. There were several scenes where a firm knowledge of Mr. Brooks’s past would have killed the mood. Evans smoothly strings the reader’s mind along scene by scene.

The most disappointing aspect of the film involved Detective Atwood. The character was too clever. The scene where she is questioning Mr. Smith was unrealistic. She suspected him of lying, yet Mr. Smith didn’t show any obvious signs. The blame can be placed on Demi Moore. She is a great tough independent detective, but falls short when trying to appear clever.

Kevin Costner did a great job at escaping the classic hero-like image that appears in most of his movies. His character was deep and he made you understand Mr. Brooks’s mind with very little dialogue. This is one of Costner’s best roles. He really tried something new in this movie and I was impressed.

Mr. Brooks is worth all 120 minutes of your time. The DVD has great special features. You can get deeper into the mind of Mr. Brooks by listening to the commentary or watching the deleted scenes. The movie is rated R for strong bloody violence, some graphic sexual content, nudity, and language.

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