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DVD Review: Motorhead – Stage Fright

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What’s the 4-1-1?
To commemorate thirty years in the underground rock scene, England’s legendary Motorhead release a double DVD that chronicles one of their biggest shows of 2004. The show is presented in both a stereo & 5.1 mix.

Hard rock / metal

The Good
Disc 1: The first disc highlights Motorhead’s historic performance at the Philipshalle in Düsseldorf, Germany from December 7, 2004. Motorhead were in the midst of their Inferno World Tour. This is probably the best lit and best shot Motorhead show that I have ever seen. Not only do you get muti-camera angles, but there’s a stop-motion camera that takes some cool shots too. The show sounds great in both stereo and 5.1. You get 20 Motorhead tunes in all. Songs include all the classics of course; “Dr. Rock,” “No Class,” “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.,” “Killed by Death,” “Iron Fist,” “Ace of Spades,” and “Overkill.”

You also get a sprinkling from their latest album Inferno that includes “Killers” and “Whorehouse Blues;” a song in which the group break out the acoustic guitars. As Lemmy says, Motorhead always tries to hit you with something new. You even get rare tracks that are hardly played live such as “Dancing on Your Grave.” You have a few options when it comes to viewing the show. You can have visual commentary in which the show cuts away to the group for their thought, you can have audio commentary which narrates over the show, or you can have subtitles of the commentary. I do have to warn you though; the commentary is more of a pat on the back then anything really insightful or interesting. They do give a few choice nuggets of info though.

Disc 2: This disc contains all the extras. The extras aren’t spectacular, but they’re not horribly boring either. “L.A. Special” covers the backstage scene before a big Motorhead show. You get to see brief interviews with artists like Dave Grohl, Chris Jericho, Kerry King, and other about how influential Motorhead was for them. The “Fans” section is comprised of die-hards that they caught in the lobby before the big Germany show. You wouldn’t believe some of the huge and extensive tattoos some of these people have. “Testimonials” are various touring stories provided by the road crew.

“We Are the Road Crew” is a mini documentary on the members of Motorhead’s stage crew. I have to stay that the cook steals the show with his loving surliness. You can view a slide show of the Germany show and read Motorhead’s back stage tour rider. Can you believe they all hate Hershey bars? “Making Of” gets into all of the technical and physical aspects of putting the Germany show together. There’s a DVD portion of this disc in which you can view a high-definition version of the “Overkill” performance, download wallpapers (I have one on my computer now), download ringtones (wasn’t compatible with my phone, and view their discography (their SPV/Steamhammer discography).

The Bad
Very minor stuff. As I said before, the commentary is not very interesting, and the bonus material is okay, but unless you’re into all the technical and backstage stuff, it won’t blow you away.

The Verdict
They are Motorhead, and Stage Fright is going to kick your ass!

Did You Know?
Lemmy originally wanted to call this release A Box of Fish.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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  • Great review George. I will definitely pick this one up for my collection. I think that they are about 25% of the inspiration for Spinal Tap.

  • If Diamond Dave does not work out for the tour (that IS still going on – don’t believe anything to the contrary) Lemmy would make for a great front man.

  • amit

    yeah the band rocks and the combination of the different camera angels also very good its just give us the real experience just amazing . The music really just touches our soul , so powerful and exciting , its just rock us to the bottom . i would also like to pick this for my collection, have a little but i too have a collection and i love it . i guess this one will be the best one out of my collection.