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DVD Review: Miss March

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Miss March is the story of Eugene (Zach Cregger) who is a senior in high school and his girlfriend Cindi (Raquel Alessi). They're abstinence counselors and put on skits to keep kids “pure” and they practice what they preach. As the end of their senior year approaches, Cindi wants to have sex on prom night. Eugene eventually agrees, and as his friend Tucker (Trevor Moore) is plying him with shots to help him loosen up, he has one too many, falls down a flight of stairs, and lapses into a coma.

When Eugene comes out of his coma, he discovers it been four years and that Cindi has become a Playboy Playmate! Eugene is floored and needs to see her, and Tucker comes up with the idea to do a cross country trip to the Playboy mansion where in two days a huge bash will occur. Since Cindi will be there Eugene reluctantly agrees since he has muscle atrophy and no control over his bowels (which leads to many falls and disgusting poop jokes along the way).

Tucker also needs to get out of town because he injured his epileptic girlfriend during a sex act involving a strobe light and is avoiding her, her insane fireman brother and his brothers-in-arms as they want to make Tucker pay. The boys need to get to the mansion; Tucker is still friends with a former classmate who’s become a popular rap star by the name of Horsedick.MPEG and the pair bum a ride on his tour bus since he’s going to the bash as well.

Along the way they anger Horsedick, get picked up by Russian lesbians, and crash the party all in an attempt for Eugene to see Cindi and find out what happened. The concept of the film along with the trailer made this film seem like something fun to watch. However the film is just unfunny, a boring waste of your time and fails to live up to the concept; it’s not even worth a rental.

There are virtually no extras on the DVD. "Down and Dirty w/Horsedick.MPEG (Censored Version)" is a short “Inside the Music” featurette with Craig Robinson’s character. Then there’s "Timmy's Audition" and "Darren's Audition" which are Cregger and Moore's fellow Whitest Kids U Know cast members doing mock auditions. The three extras are under five minutes in total; a commentary might have been interesting to hear Cregger and Moore’s thoughts on the film.

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