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DVD Review: Mind of Mencia: Season 3

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Mind of Mencia is one of the biggest hits on Comedy Central, the show centers on comedian Carlos Mencia who bills himself as an “equal opportunity offender,” no one is safe from his verbal barbs.  The show usually starts off with a parody of a current hot-topic, and then goes into some very funny stand-up from Carlos, followed by various skits showcasing Mencia’s sense of humor.  

Season 3 had 14 episodes and contained such highlights as "Are You Smarter Than A Beaner?," "Bouncin’ at Club Carlos," "Arab Store clerk Punji," "Stereotype Olympics," and "What Would Happen if Someone who Played Violent Video Games Would Survive if they got Sucked into one Themselves." 

The DVD release is better than the television production in all aspects.  Due to television rules and regulations Comedy Central is not allowed to air the show in with graphic content.  But, with this DVD you can now view season three the way it was meant to be seen, with all of the foul language and explicit skits uncensored, which make for some remarkably first-rate comedic entertainment.  I'm terribly happy that the DVD release does not contain the bleeps and blurs. 

One of the DVD extras is an audio commentary track.  While these can provide interesting background into the skits, there’s only one on the release and it left me wanting more.  Commentary on all the episodes isn’t necessary, but there needs to be more than one. 

The other extra is over 30 minutes of deleted scene (it's like a complete extra episode), and every episode is represented.  Some scenes don’t add much to the episode and you can understand why they were cut, some unfortunately were cut for time and that’s a shame.  The cut scenes run about 1-2 minutes per episode except for the skit "Are you Smarter Than A Beaner?" this skit ran over by a good eight minutes and was extremely funny.  Watching it uncensored makes it even funnier when Carlos goes off on the contestant for his ignorance.

This isn’t a show for the faint of heart or those easily offended, but if you like “tell-it-like-it-is-comedy”  Mind of Mencia is right up your alley.

Grade: A-

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