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DVD Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade

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Minnie’s Masquerade combines two of my daughter’s loves: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and dressing up. Now she can dress up with the included paper mask that she has decorated herself with while she watches the antics of Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy.

In this DVD, Minnie is getting ready to host a Masquerade Ball, but she needs some help getting everything ready for the party. Of course, all of her friends are quite happy to step in and come to her rescue. She also needs the help of her viewers, asking them lots of questions along the way.

This DVD has the added feature of working with Disney’s “Mickey Mote.” Now when your kids are watching the episode, instead of sitting like bumps on a log when Minnie or Mickey asks them a question, they actually have an opportunity to respond physically with their own kid-friendly remote control. They might be asked something like, “What color is Goofy’s hat?” Using the remote, they can answer the question themselves before returning to the episode.

The DVD also includes four Minnie-focused episodes that have previously been released on the Disney Channel: “Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar,” “A Surprise for Minnie,” “Secret Spy Daisy” and “The Friendship Team.”

I like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes because they are very upbeat and positive. Since everything is exciting! and happy! on the show, I feel like my kids are more likely to be upbeat and positive when they are done watching the show.

I also like the interaction that the episodes encourage, with or without the Mickey Mote. Unfortunately, my kids generally prefer to the watch the show uninterrupted, without having to use the Mickey Mote to answer questions. Too often, I feel like they sit passively, not even learning from the “teaching moments” the show offers regarding colors, shapes, numbers and letters.

Overall, this DVD is a great hit with our family. Keep it in mind as a fun Valentine’s treat. You can even find a $5 coupon here.

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