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DVD Review: Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

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She said:

Loose Change? More like loose ends. It’s not unbelievable that factions within our own country might have engineered the events of September 11, 2001. There are a few theories out there, with the emphasis on out there. One theory states that the Twin Towers were destroyed because there was a problem with asbestos; abatement would be prohibitively expensive, and no one wanted the job.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, narrated by Daniel Sunjata, is another attempt at debunking the myths the United States government has allegedly propagated about 9/11, and offering an alternate theory. There is a prologue that recounts historical events including World War II, the Manhattan Project, and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. It reports on an analogous incident in which the German parliament was burned to the ground, a patsy was blamed,  and Hitler immediately rose to power.

Plenty of data is presented supporting the theory that the towers came down via a controlled demolition. To get past my cynicism, I’ll stipulate—for the sake of argument—that forces within the United States government and military industrial complex are behind the tragedy that has affected so many of us. In return for the stipulation, how about some evidence that would stand up in court?

Understanding that motive is not necessary to pursue a criminal conviction, we would still like to be able to judge the speculation upon which this theory (among others) is based. Asbestos? Destruction of SEC records? That is not where Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup goes. Instead, it suggests that the powers-that-be needed to provide America with another “Pearl Harbor” so its citizens would support war in multiple locations.

The implications of this theory are monstrous, though not unbelievable. Perhaps many of us just don’t want to believe that we live in a country where power-hungry, conscienceless puppeteers are willing to dispose of their subjects by the thousands, in the most gruesome ways, in order to maintain or increase their power. Somehow these monsters think that sacrificing thousands of civilians is worth the opportunity to sacrifice thousands of soldiers in wars that have little meaning. To believe that is to believe that any one of us is next.

As for the loose ends…one of the most intriguing is the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Remember, this is the famous “Let’s roll!” flight. According to witnesses, there was no evidence of a plane crash—no bodies, no wreckage, no luggage, nothing. There was a hole and a minimum of debris. (Okay, that’s not “nothing,” it’s “next to nothing.”) Once we’re brought to this point, we need the developers of the theory to offer some speculation on what this means. Was there a plane? Did it crash? Were those passengers who rushed the terrorists fictional? Did the terrorists exist? What is the point of faking a crash? Was this engineered to look like we were at great peril on many fronts? Were all four planes vaporized?

Although the World Trade Center is the symbol for the events and losses of 9/11, what about the Pentagon? Reportedly, there are no videos of the plane crashing into the Pentagon. The cited evidence suggests that a plane crashed through the walls, never touching ground outside the Pentagon, and fortunately for thousands of Pentagon workers, the plane took a roundabout route in order to crash into an area that was in the last stages of reconstruction, thereby sparsely populated.

To achieve a coup proportionate to 9/11, many people would be involved. This could indicate many agendas and motives, one might suppose. Of these people, not one suffered a pang of conscience or an indiscreet moment in which he or she leaked some information or spilled a secret?

Since the Twin Towers, as well as Building Seven, collapsed in a manner consistent with a controlled demolition, I have formulated my own theory (at least I’ve never heard it anywhere else). Perhaps when the towers were built, the architects and engineers all knew they would have to come down eventually, so they were already fitted with explosives. When the terrorists crashed the planes into the towers, they set off the explosions, resulting in the demolition. Admittedly this is fanciful. Even I don’t subscribe to this theory. However, is it any less believable than some of the others out there?

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup is a well-made and seemingly well researched documentary. It questions the findings and methodology of those assigned the task of explaining what happened on 9//11, and points fingers at some of our leaders. It details a number of coincidences that may or may not have been coincidental, and gives the viewer enough doubt, if only to wonder, “What if…” (As hard as I’ve been on John Hankey, I concede that I prefer his finger-pointing to answerless questions. I won’t vouch for his conclusions, but at least he provides a direction in which to look. His ends may sometimes be tied up too neatly, but he does tie ‘em up.) As with all theories, this one (and those offered by Mr. Hankey) leaves me with the thought, “Anything is possible,” although I’m pretty sure a lone gunman didn’t bring down the World Trade Center.

Extras included on Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup  are “Exclusive Interview with Daniel Sunjata,” “Interview with Richard Gage” (an architect who founded a group of architects and engineers dissatisfied with the official explanations of 9/11), and—the weakest entry—“The Art of Janette McKinlay,” in which the artist showcases pieces of sculpture that illustrate her feelings of isolation and pain following 9/11 (the focus is entirely on Janette McKinlay). There is also a “12-page booklet featuring Daniel Sunjata’s manifesto entitled ‘Intellectual Dishonesty in the Age of Universal Deceit: A Message to the Corporate Media and Our Elected Officials.’”

Bottom Line: Would I buy/rent/stream Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup? Yes.

He said:

Is eight months enough time to plan and execute a successful attack on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York City?  The producers of Loose Change insinuate that members of the Bush administration were involved but that such a conspiracy involved unnamed manipulators that transcend several administrations.  Bush detractors even cut “W” some slack saying that if his team couldn’t handle the Katrina cleanup, how could they have planned a complicated plot that ultimately turned out to be so successful — in just eight months?

In an interview earlier this year, former CIA agent, Andre LeGallo, said “The Agency operates at the pleasure of the President. Mr. Clinton had no interest.” and that “Recruiting new agents was very poor during those years.”  It all reminds me of Watergate: Who knew what? and When did they know it? Avery includes footage of Obama! What’s up with his pledge to get out of Afghanistan and then he sends in 40,000 more soldiers?  But that’s another story for another time.

Loose Change, directed by Dylan Avery, relies on some of the same experts as 9-11 Mysteries, previously reviewed here.  The difference is an expanded interview with BYU physicist, Dr. Steven Jones, whose research has turned up evidence of explosives in the towers other than what may have been delivered by the airliners crashing into the buildings.  We also meet Richard Gage, founder of the group, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.  Mr. Gage speaks briefly in the film about his group and their interests in structural damage and technical matters involving the collapses.  He goes into greater detail in an interview — one of the extras offered in this DVD.

Avery brings into play questions surrounding the incidents in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.  In neither case was there any significant evidence (according to Avery) that an airliner crashed.  Well, if not, then what happened to those two jets?  What happened to the passengers?  It is pointed out that no identifiable wreckage was found in the field in PA and that there is no historical evidence of an airliner EVER crashing and leaving nothing behind.  Avery says there was no wreckage and no bodies nor body parts. Later, tests by the EPA show no traces of jet fuel in ground water in the area of the crash. Hmmmm…

Avery is able to produce one eye witness, Barry Jennings, who was inside Building 7 in Manhattan just before it came down.  Shortly after his report is filmed, he dies mysteriously.  (Maybe it isn’t a good idea to speak to Avery on film.)  People don’t appear too afraid of checking out YouTube videos on this subject.  A search on YouTube for “Loose Change” turns up nineteen of the twenty items on page one of the results involving this item.  The nineteen items collectively have more than ten million views.  Even if every viewer watched each of the nineteen items and are counted twice, that’s still a lot of hits.

Life’s coincidences seem to turn up at the most inopportune times. What an amazing twist of fate that (previously scheduled) war games would be in progress on the morning of September 11, 2001!  These war games involved scrambling jets from airbases on the east coast, namely Andrews and Langley, that would leave the air space over the Pentagon and Capitol unprotected. Also involved in the war games were pretend hijacked airliners that would appear on the screens of air traffic controllers and then disappear.  What’s an ATC supposed to do when it turns out there are real problems?

Avery has done an admirable job of sequencing the events portrayed in his video to be as convincing as possible (considering the amount of hard evidence he has). Sunjata does a remarkable job of maintaining neutrality in his delivery of the narration, and together, they have come up with a watchable and assertive but non-threatening film.

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  • Once again, I roll my eyes. “Loose Change” is the worst of these conspiracy-nut videos.
    The objections I have stated you mention also, so bravo for that.
    I continue to say that these 9/11 conspiracies are an insult to the very real people who died in the planes and the towers (and in the Pentagon) and their families. It’s shameful that anyone would claim that any of this is unreal. As for anyone who’d say those plane crashes were unreal, please tell that to a family member of someone who lost a loved one on one of those flights.

  • Jordan Richardson

    While I don’t agree with any of the “conspiracy theories” I’ve run into so far, I must vehemently oppose the idea that somehow questioning the official version of things is an “insult” to anybody. The day we give up our rights to question official government accounts of world events is the day we give up a rather large chunk of what makes us a free society.

  • I speak only of the people who died who seem to just have disappeared into thin air according to the theorists. In just about every theory, they just don’t exist, luggage and all, and this is simply not true. It IS an insult. I don’t personally know anyone who died, but I know I’d be insulted if it was my husband, cousin, or best friend who was lost on an airliner. And then told that he or she didn’t even exist, or even matter.
    Yes, I question the government a lot. But I don’t believe these conspiracy nutballs at all. They think the Bush administration could have pulled off something this intricate and those stumblebums couldn’t even change a lightbulb. Good luck there. I’ll accept Bin Laden did it.
    Nothing personal, Jordan. You’re a rational guy and thoughtful person. I’m just not siding with the people who are so filled with hate for “the man” that they can’t think this thing through.

  • the real bob

    Lynn, you’ve just hit upon why I find this type of conspiracy too complex to be kept secret. If all the passengers on a flight did not actually exist, then the people who reacted to their loss would have to be actors. And it couldn’t be just one actor per “passenger,” since they had brothers & sisters, parents, etc.

    Imagine this. One day, you’re watching tv, and there’s Shirley from down the block is talking about her husband’s heroics on one of the doomed flights. You know that Shirley hasn’t lost her husband, you just saw him drive by twenty minutes ago. You’re not going to tell anyone?

  • George

    I have ended longstanding friendships with people who’ve decided 9/11 was an “inside job.” I spit in these people’s faces.

  • Bahmi

    Terrific. Spit in the faces of those who differ from your absolute certitude. Makes sense to me.
    Instead, let’s look at the explosives used to bring down the buildings. Very specialized nano-thermite. Only the US military has it. Films show explosions throughout the buildings as the structures collapsed. If you were the owner, or contractor who placed the stuff, and were on the level, why would you not come forward and admit your function in the explosions? The coverups have been extensive. Bush fought the investigation for over a year.
    Supposedly, the final committee report was bogus. Just a coincidence?
    I find those that consider conspiracy theorists as nutballs pretty pathetic. When everything fails, insult the person. You probably voted for Obama, the Messiah, too.

  • gsetano

    Oh,hell.If terrorist could attack us with our own dam planes, they could surly plant bombs in the same buidings to make sure that the buildings would fall. You have got to be a sick person to think that pres. bush was behind the 911 attack.

  • “In return for the stipulation, how about some evidence that would stand up in court?”

    Engineers for 9/11 Truth proved the twin towers were in fact a controlled demolition. Just because the US Govt. chooses not to hear the evidence or dismisses the victims families, who by the way believe 9/11 was an inside job, doesn’t mean there isn’t any proof. Loose change simply points out the obvious flaws and/or deliberate lies issued by the US Govt. as the “official story”.

  • And to anyone who doesn’t believe our government would lie to take our country to war, see Pearl Harbor or The Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The Gulf of Tonkin incident got us into the Vietnam conflict. Our secretary of defense made up a fabricated story live on television that a naval ship was attacked by Vietcong terrorists. Even going as far to say “Our boys are dead in water!” Thousands of dead marines and years later the Department of War (now called Dept. of Defense) admitted the story was fabricated and said “We made a mistake.”

    To anyone who doesn’t want to believe our government would hurt it’s own people to record the reactions, see the Tuskegee Experiment. Our govt. covertly injected cancer viruses in black men to see what effects the virus would have on the body. It’s nuts to believe anything the US Government says as a fact. How could anyone believe a politician without verifying the facts, no matter how scary the truth may be. If one looks at the fact and reaches a conclusion. It should b accepted that an individual has an opinion, but please don’t just say “our government would never…”

  • openminded researcher

    I have to agree with averagejoe. Well stated arguement, backed with facts. The Tuskegee experiments DID happen…the US Government DOES lies. Time to take your heads out of the sand and stop being drones and dumb sheep. Open your minds people and exercise your brains to find out facts before accepting “official” 9/11 reports that just dont add up.