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DVD Review: Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009)

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On the 27th of February, 1933, the building that housed the German Parliament caught fire. The Reichstag Fire, as it became known, was set by one individual. The Nazis used this to take control of the entire country. On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked and bombed American ships docked at Pearl Harbor. Though the US government knew that there were plans for an attack somewhere in the Pacific, they didn’t know the time or the location. The Americans used this attack to enter into World War II.

On August 2, 1964, an erroneous radar reading indicated that our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin were under attack. While it was later revealed to be a mistake, our ships actually were attacked days later. The United States used this to enter the Vietnam War. On September 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked in American airspace. Two were flown into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, one was flown into the Pentagon, and another crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The Bush administration used this to initiate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, you may be sitting in front of your computer screen, trying to figure out what these four events have to do with each other – I don’t blame you. Well, amongst conspiracy theorists, all four are examples of false flag operations. They believe that all four events were orchestrated by the main benefactors — Nazis, Allied Forces, US war machine, and the Bush administration, respectively — in order to bring about the desired political or social results. Basically, they believe that governments are willing to kill and maim their own people, simply to get what they want.

This is where Loose Change comes into play. Loose Change is a video that showed up for the first time in 2005. After being spread across the Internet, the movie got three revisions, the most recent of which comes out on September 22. Loose Change is a movie that promotes the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, and that somebody implied to be within the Bush administration was behind it. While they don’t really go into the reasoning for this false flag, it is implied that Bush simply wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein.

Loose Change starts off by examining the first three events from above. Without providing any evidence, the documentary claims that they were all false flag operations, and that the respective governments were behind them. They then use that same logic (government hates us all) to argue that 9/11 must have been an inside job as well. Though they later try to prove this contention, it is an assumption that the movie makes from the very get-go. Yep, without any evidence, Loose Change argues that the federal government killed thousands of its citizens.

After presenting the precedent, Loose Change proceeds to give us various accounts and facts that are supposed to lead to their end conclusion. We learn that the Twin Towers were built to withstand a plane's impact (but weakened iron from burning jet fuel is never discussed), that Flight 93 just disappeared into a crater (they ignore evidence from the crash presented in US courts) , and that there were no remains from the plane that hit the Pentagon.

Wait, I thought that there were no remains – is that part of an aircraft engine?

The movie then moves on to discuss the various theories for how the Twin Towers were taken down, using explosions and thermite, of course. It also talks about how there was an explosion in WTC Building 7, which also fell down that day. Using an interview from one man, who claimed to have heard explosions in the midst of all the chaos, Loose Change attempts to paint a picture of lies and deceit, all of which, they claim, are managed by the government.

Even if you have seen any of the previous versions of Loose Change, the new variation contains stuff you haven't seen. Not only are there new parts added, but the movie has removed most of the debunked areas. Gone are the sections about faked phone calls and missiles, and added are more interviews and scary music. I must give credit where credit is due — Dylan Avery, the guy who made the movie, did a very good job at keeping the newest release clean of debunked materials. Well, until this stuff is debunked too.

Not only are most of the ‘facts’ presented in An American Coup shiny and new, the entire method of storytelling has changed. Instead of simply being a random collection of interviews, stories, and footage, the newer version feels polished and clean. I believe that Avery has studied Michael Moore and learned how to make a proper documentary, and he has perfected it. An American Coup, unlike any of the previous iterations, drew me into the story, and actually made it seem more credible – until the point where he implies that Obama was part of the plan.

Not only is the presentation of the actual script pretty good, I was impressed with the quality of the movie. Using the lowest budget imaginable, and probably every free-trial software pack online, Avery produced a pretty good documentary. The editing is well done, the video quality is par for DVDs, and the audio is actually pretty nice. While it didn’t use my surround sound system, Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me) narrates the entire movie. His voice is perfect for the role, as his emotions are easy to hang onto.

Now, I am all for the freedom of ideas, and the sharing of theories between people. I myself do not buy the mainstream theory that Osama Bin Laden planned 9/11. Instead, I believe that the Pakistani ISI did the planning, and funded the operation. That said, however, I do not understand how people can believe that the US government is responsible for this. Not only do they believe that the government could kill thousands of citizens with ease, but that they could do this without stopping/killing Avery. They also believe that the hundreds of governmental employees that would be involved could be quiet. Obviously, they have more faith in the ability of our government than I do.

Oh, this is a review of the DVD, right – well then, maybe I should talk about the extras. Loose Change comes with five different extras, most of which are not that interesting. "Loose Change, The Beginning" is about the original script and footage from the first film. "The Script of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup" is, well, the script; yes, you can ‘watch’ an extra by reading what is on your screen. There is also a photo gallery and extra interviews, which really add nothing to the production.

Finally, however, there is one extra that is somewhat worth watching: "Loose Change, Living It." In this feature, we get to see another documentary, this one examining the “long and twisted history” of the franchise. We see Avery and his ‘struggles’, we see the criticism, the attacks, and the triumphs. While this is entirely a self-congratulatory love fest, I actually enjoyed this extra. See, not only do I find out about the movie, but I also get to find out what his end goals are, which helps show me his agenda. I like that.

Overall, I found that Loose Change was an interesting little feature, but not one that is really worth your time. While it might open your eyes and ears, it only feeds you lies and untruths. I have the feeling that the reason there are so many ‘facts’, and so much ‘evidence’ shoved at you is to desensitize you. Much like FOX News, this serves to keep you from seeing the manipulation, misquotes, and outright lies which Avery indulges in. Sure, Loose Change might be an interesting movie, but it is absolutely worthless.

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  • Well written review Robert. I may not buy into all of the ‘conspiracy theory’ in the movie, or your take, but I certainly enjoyed reading your review of it. Thanks!

  • Shock

    I hear they include Sunjata’s essay in the extras. AWESOME! Great undebunkable piece of writing. Amazing work Dylan.

  • Nice job, Robert.

  • barga

    Thank you Elvira

  • Jerry

    looks good!

  • yellow publishing

    if you don’t start thinking for yourselves soon there will be hell to pay.

  • A belated happy mother’s day

  • @7 huh?

  • Bob’s ego

    Huh?? Now Bob, we both know mother was here.

    She knows we’ve been a naughty boy! And she almost let the cat out of the bag..

  • I assume that you are calling me ‘bob’ and that you are referring to a deleted comment (I did not ask for it to be removed, fyi).

    I am not Bob, but if you want to call me that, that is cool. As for the comment, it is not here anymore, so it is not relevant.

  • lol @ #7

    Must have been puzzling until you figured it out, Robert.

  • oh right, I was laughing at #8…ooops.

  • I was just confused about what it was referring to, as I thought the comment was removed quickly and nobody saw it

  • It still shows up in the ‘fresh comments’ even after it’s removed from the thread. I saw part of it.

  • oh, that could be why

    thanks Cindy

  • enthusiast
  • If you read the article, they found ‘pebbles’ that are either caused by thermite OR by a high explosive force that melts iron

    we already know that there was melted iron (kenetic energy has some power)…

  • enthusiast

    Sorry Robert, where does the article mention ‘pebbles’?

    Are you suggesting that the kinetic energy of the plane melted iron?

  • I assume the article mentioned is the one that appeared in new scientist several years ago.

    I am suggesting that kinetic energy of the towers collapsing, mixed with the heat from the fires, melted steel. We both know that the fires themselves could not melt it

  • enthusiast

    I’m afraid I gave all my New Scientist magazines to Freecycle some time ago!

    Here’s an important paper from earlier this year, maybe this is the one you mean?

    Also, you may be interested to hear NIST actually deny evidence for molten steel at the site.

  • doesn’t mean i buy that they deny it

  • “hey also believe that the hundreds of governmental employees that would be involved could be quiet. ”

    Just because we don’t know the “how” of how it was done, does not mean we can assume *thousands* of people *had* to be involved. You’ll tell me that God did it next. Investigation is the *only* way forward.

    If the explosive evidence is true, then sure, with even the most closed minds, you’d want to know how that stuff got into the dust of the towers? After all, there were no explosives on the plane…At least there are not on the flights I travel on…


  • Okay, how do you have a government plot without these hundreds invovled?

    The dust is not just from explosives

  • Awe

    Terrible review. Biased and poorly written. More of a hit piece than anything else. All these experts can’t be liars and crack pots…

  • I disagree with Robert Barga’s review, but then I did organize premieres of Loose Change- Final Cut and the most recent- Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup. I also organized the first march demanding a congressional investigation of 9/11 and have witnessed the cover-up, as well as an increasing number of admissions that the 9/11 Commission itself was “set-up to fail” and decided to lie to the public about what happened.

    I did not think very highly of Loose Cahnange version 1 when I saw it, nor version II. Dylan Avery was young and didn’t really do all the homework he should have done to make a solid documentary, but then that was not his original intent. Originally the film he was making was supposed to be fictional. He has matured greatly over the years and done a considerable amount of research, and consulted with some of the top 9/11 researchers. He has also done some genuine investigative reporting himself. The latest Loose Change documentary reflects someone who has taken the time to look beneath the myths and legends sold to a gullible, manipulated public, to the actual historical events. False flag operations are not taught in school, nor is how the CIA operates common knowledge, nor covert operations.

    Many people who join the truth movement are upset by the facts that they encounter and start studying the topic, in hopes of proving uncomfortable facts to be wrong. When they discover that the facts are real facts, and that they have been lied to, by the media, in school, they are moved to learn more and challenge the more blatant lies continue to be told to expand wars and the already bloated military budget.

    I believe the intent of the film is to get people to think more critically and question the corporate spin used time and time again to get people to support wars, and the elimination of fundamental civil rights. The film is a wake up call. If it challenges your view of history, perhaps it is time for you to reexamine the past, and discover what the latest research reveals.

  • Confused,US

    I haven’t seen this film yet but I intend to now.

    RMB:Okay, how do you have a government plot without these hundreds invovled?

    Why do you think hundreds of people had to be involved? Aren’t there only 19 hijackers?

    What is the maximum amount of people that can be involved in a ‘secret’ government plot and it still be kept ‘secret’?

    RMB:”The dust is not just from explosives”

    So you think some of the dust was from explosives?

  • @24 I always appreciate comments from my readers, thanks for your input

  • @25

    The problem is, if the intent is to question, then why is it accusitory. Look at how Michael Moore does his work, he implies the accusation but then makes sure you draw your own conclusions and question everything. Dylan failed to do this

    that said, I hate our spin, don’t support the PA, and think that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack

  • @26
    If it is a governmental coverup, as perpetrated by this film, than 100s would need to be involved

    No, I was saying, or meant to say, that not all dust of that sort is from explosives – in general

  • stone cold lampin

    @28 i quite like my spin thank you very much. i hate your spin though. just because you don’t think iraq engineered 911 doesn’t make you a genius!

  • you have spin, sweet, What is it?
    I don’t think that I have spin, but if I do, I am sure that it is a very lethargic rotation

  • Halcyon

    … If all the evidence in this film (although I admit its not the most graciously put) doesn’t at least make you question some aspects of the events on that day then obviously you have a spin.

    And yes, many of the facts within the documentary are just that, facts. Things such as the plethora of war games that enacted the exact situation that unfolded on 9/11 prior to the attacks. All of those are documented. Watch some videos from the pilots for 9/11 truth, they go through the full analysis of the flight recorders of both flight 77 and 93, provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Completely unrealistic recordings. There are so many questions that can’t or won’t be answered by the government. The thermite evidence within the dust, the laws of physics being broken by the buildings plowing through themselves in the same time it takes an 8-ball to fall from that height. The fact that American Airlines and United’s stock fell out the bottom the days before the attacks. That the elevator complex inside the WTC was being renovated for weeks before the attack with numerous black outs and evacuations throughout that time period, the security for which was headed by GWB’s brother. The passport they found of Satam at the base of the tower before its collapse, unscathed no less.

    There’s a ton of questions, and all we “truthers” want is a 3rd party investigation with subpoena power. Besides, the amount of money given to the 9/11 commission to investigate the matter was pathetic, for some perspective-

    Amount of money allocated for the 1986 Challenger disaster investigation: $75 million
    Amount of money allocated for the 2004 Columbia disaster investigation: $50 million
    Amount of money allocated for Clinton-Lewinsky investigation: $40 million
    Amount of money allocated for the 9/11 Commission: $14 million

    If they can bail out the banks for 2 trillion dollars why can’t they give more than 14 million towards the investigation of the worst terrorist attack in American history. I know I’ve been ranting but I just don’t understand why people who aren’t convinced by the “truthers” don’t just support a new investigation so they can shut us all up if its so clear cut.

  • Oh, I admit that there are odd things, but your argument about physics is easily wrong (check my link in the article)…

  • Halcyon

    I can easily put forward links as well.

    Popular Mechanics are politically driven if that’s the link you were referring to. I’d trust a 16 year old high school student studying physics over them, or NIST.

  • milk_man

    Show us all of the pentagon surveillance tapes! then ill believe it wasnt the government

  • milk_man

    Show us all the tapes of the pentagon attack.

  • wait, what

  • Wil Clark

    LC 9/11:AAC is pure garbage!