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DVD Review: Looney Tunes Super Stars – Tweety & Sylvester: Feline Fwenzy

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Looney Tunes Super Stars are a series of single-DVD releases focusing on some of the most beloved Looney Tunes characters. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck have previously received the honor and now the classic duo of Sylvester and Tweety get their own release. Feline Fwenzy is a nice release that collects 15 of their funniest cartoons. However, this release was not made with collectors in mind.

There are a lot of great cartoons to be found on this set. The cartoons include two Academy Award-winners: “Tweety Pie” and “Birds Anonymous.” “Tweety Pie” is notable for being the very first Sylvester and Tweety cartoon. “Birds Anonymous” belongs on the list of the best Looney Tunes ever. “Bad Ol’ Putty Tat” features a wonderful succession of gags involving Sylvester jumping on a trampoline to reach Tweety. “Canary Row” is the first Sylvester and Tweety cartoon to feature Granny.

The first Looney Tunes Super Stars DVDs were controversial amongst fans because the cartoons were cropped to a widescreen format. Fortunately, the cartoons on this disc appear in the 4:3 aspect ratio that they were created in, although the menus are in widescreen. The cartoons themselves look quite nice. The colors are bright and there is little noticeable dirt or artifacts. Audio is available in English and Spanish and subtitles are available in English and French. Special features are nonexistent, which is to be expected of a release like this.

There is one more thing that should be noted about this disc. Unlike the other Looney Tunes Super Stars DVDs so far, all of the cartoons here have previously been released on DVD. If you collected the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD sets, then it’s likely you have some (or all) of these cartoons. In the case of “Tweety Pie” and “Birds Anonymous,” this will be the third time they’ve been released on DVD since both cartoons also appeared on the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Academy Awards Animation Collection.

Overall, the Looney Tunes Super Stars – Tweety & Sylvester DVD is an easy purchase if you love the characters and have not previously collected the Golden Collection DVD sets. The simple nature of this DVD makes it great for those who like to enjoy movies on the go. Even if you already have these cartoons, this purchase may be worth it if you want to see your favorite Sylvester and Tweety cartoons together in one place.

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    My kids love this dvd. Hate to say it so do I.