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DVD Review: Lil’ Bush – Resident of the United States, Season Two

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Lil' Bush is yet another parody of the president so awful that even the status quo candidate's buzzword is "change." Even though Bush will likely be out of office by the time the show has a chance for a third season, this season managed to keep up with current news even while the president wasn't doing anything in real life.

The show exists in an odd parallel universe where George H.W. Bush is the current president, today, with his son W.'s cabinet as his cabinet, while W. is a kid and he pals around with the kids of Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Rice. No, it doesn't really make sense, but the show urges you to just go with it. Current major Democrats from Al Gore to Dennis Kucinich are also represented as kids at the same high school as Lil' Bush, and, well, hilarity ensues.

As a comedy show, you need a certain amount of political awareness to find it funny at all. I find Tiny Kucinich hilarious, personally, but he doesn't function as an especially funny character without knowledge of the real person. That being said, the show really came into its own this season. The first season seemed awkward and at times overdone, but this one found the right wavelength to go on with political comedy. It's not always the quality of The Daily Show or Colbert Report, but it gets laughs and even hits messages at times.

As for the DVD, the special features vary greatly in quality. The commentary is entertaining enough if you're already familiar with the episodes, but it's only on six episodes out of ten. There are several "web clips" which are basically like deleted scenes strung out one after another, and a few are sufficiently funny. There isn't much value to the animatics except for the first scene, which gives you the song "Iraq 'n' Roll" sung by the voice of Lil' Bush rather than the typical singer. The "My Lil' Bush" music video advertised on the DVD case is just plain creepy and it should be avoided unless you run out of material to show at a Halloween film festival. Disc one of the DVD spams you with ads as you start it up, but it's still not as annoying as any Disney DVD, so don't let that worry you.

Lil' Bush found its groove this season but it's most likely dead and gone just because the president himself is out of a job. The unfortunate thing is, Lil' Obama and Lil' McCain are perhaps the two least funny characters on the show. Lil' Obama is basically a straight man, and all the good material for McCain ("I agree with Lil' Bush and all of his policies") was exhausted in episode four. The show is funny enough to be worth a DVD rental, especially given that the episodes may never show again as the president leaves. If you have a laugh left in you unfulfilled after these eight years, go ahead and check it out.

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