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DVD Review: Legend of The Seeker: The Complete Second and Final Season

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Legend of The Seeker is an adaptation of Terry Goodkind’s 11-novel fantasy series The Sword of Truth. The first season was a loose adaptation of Wizard’s First Rule and the series did well enough to warrant a second season.

After defeating Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) at the end of season one, Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan, (Bridget Regan), and Zedd (Bruce Spence) think they’ve fulfilled Richard’s destiny. But Richard learns that Rahl’s death caused a tear in the veil between the worlds of the living and dead. This tear allows many nasty and evil things to come through from the Underworld.

Richard with the help of Kahlan and Zedd learn that only way to close the veil and stop the Underworld and its ruler – The Keeper from ruling over the land of the living is to find the legendary Stone of Tears. This stone was originally used by the Creator to close the veil at the start of creation, and is the overall arc of Season Two.

Richard and company are joined by Cara (Tabrett Bethell) a Mord’Sith who was in the first season finale. Her mission was to kill the Seeker for Rahl, due to certain events that didn’t happen; from the Underworld Rahl commands the Mord’Sith to kill Cara for her role in Rahl’s demise. After the Mord’Sith attack Cara and leave her for dead, Richard helps her. As her own people have deserted her and since Richard is the heir to the title Lord Rahl; Cara decides to join Richard on his quest. Kahlan and Zedd aren’t too pleased with Richard’s acceptance of Cara’s joining their trio, but she does possess knowledge that will be beneficial in finding the stone.

The first season, introduced us to the world of the Seeker, the second season builds upon that foundation. There’s more action and adventure now that the series and actors have become familiar with the characters. This season follows the quartet as they travel the lands seeking the stone, along the way they must deal with Banelings (agents of the Keeper) who are very nasty and try to prevent the heroes from acquiring the stone, the trial of Cara for her past deeds as a Mord’Sith, abuse of power, Zedd’s loss of memory due to a spell and being manipulated so he strips Richard of the Seeker power and bestowing it on someone else, Cara’ redemption, alternate realities, the continuing story of the
forbidden love between Richard and Kahlan and more.

The series is a fun fantasy series; it resemble previous Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert series — Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its highly successful spin-off Xena: Warrior Princess from the 1990s. However while those show were always a bit tongue-in-cheek, Seeker is played straight, with many laughs still prevalent.

Legend of The Seeker: The Complete Second and Final Season comes with the following extras:

“Redemption Of A Mord’Sith”- Meet Cara this featurette includes interviews with Tabrett Bethell as well as other cast and crew who discuss the character’s arc throughout the season. Bethell talks about what it was like to play this hardened character.

“Under The Underworld” – here various arists, writers, producers and director show their designs for the Underworld, the original concept, what it took to create it and the final product.

“Extended Scenes” – there are a few scenes from several episodes including the two-part finale that add some moments to the episode, but were cut for time. At least now you can view them to see the entire scene.

The first season DVD had several commentaries, this time they are lacking, and as Legend of The Seeker was not picked up for a third season, it would have been nice to get a behind the scenes featurette about that. Or show the fan support that rallied to get another channel to pick it up under the Save Our Seeker (S.O.S.). At least the series had resolution, and for fans of the series who never read the novels, there are 11 books to allow them their Seeker fix.

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    The video is fuzzy on season 1 region 4 DVDs.
    I hope season 2 looks better.