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DVD Review: LeapFrog Math Adventure to the Moon

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LeapFrog’s plot-drive educational DVDs have proven to be universally enjoyed by my children. From toddlers to preschool and on through early elementary, each of my children has greatly enjoyed their selection of educational titles while picking up on valuable educational tidbits along the way.

Being big fans of their phonics-oriented discs, Math Adventure to the Moon was our family’s first experience with LeapFrog’s math-oriented titles. Tad and Lily join Edison (the firefly) on a journey to obtain a collection of ten special things to take to school for an assignment. Settling on moon rocks, they follow the learning path to a rocket ship and on their journey practice counting to ten, skip-counting, patterning, sorting, and even some very simple algebraic concepts (though they likely wouldn’t label them as such.)

Though Tad, Lily and Edison never do make it to the moon, they do encounter a race of alien bugs (okay – you won’t want to count on this DVD for scientific accuracy), and help them finish the construction of their city in the face of a huge space storm. They also pick up some neat multi-colored crystals that both fuel their ship and will make a neat collection for school.

One of my favorite parts about this DVD is the music, “Math is Everywhere” is particularly wonderful – a fun-filled exploration that celebrates the value of math in song and relates it to real life. It’s also terribly catchy, “Math is everywhere, math is every-wheeeeeeeeere…” Well, you have to hear it to understand. With a short 36 minute running time, parents may wish they had more colorful edutainment on this disc for their young crews.

DVD bonus features include a simple sorting game, 4 sing-along songs, and the full “Alphabet Song” from Let’s Go to School More than just a preview or trailer for another LeapFrog release, this is actually the entire length of the song, and it’s educational in it’s own right for children learning their letter names and sounds.

My children really love Math Adventure to the Moon, and it was with great dismay this morning that we opened the DVD case to discover that someone (as yet unidentified) had stepped on the case and snapped the disc. Guess who needs to make a replacement purchase soon? Really – you’ll rarely see your children as sad over the loss of an educational DVD as they are over LeapFrog’s titles.

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