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DVD Review: Lake Placid 2

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It’s fine if a company wants to make a direct-to-cable sequel to a cult favorite. Failing to acknowledge the original or nearly writing it out entirely is inexcusable. That’s what happened with this pseudo-sequel, forgetting the original (saying it was a myth even though it only happened eight years prior) and failing to bring back any characters.

Creature effects are well below par (though attacks are prevalent), and most of the cast doesn’t even seem to be trying. Jonas Talkington is especially painful to watch, though Alicia Ziegler manages to seem believable in this mess (and makes for nice eye candy). The unrated cut offers slightly more gore and added nudity that didn’t make it pasts the censors when it aired on Sci-Fi. Either way you view it, this is a uneeded sequel and disservice to fans of the original.

For an analysis of the film, read the full review. For a look at the technical aspects of this DVD release, read on.

Video quality here is almost inexcusable. Compression artifacts surround everything. There’s an odd shimmering effect to many of the backgrounds, eliminating much of the detail. Black levels are fine, and color is strong. However, the compression is too much to bear, putting this disc into the realm of first generation DVD.

Audio is surprisingly immersive. Rain late in the movie does a fantastic job of using all available speakers. Some forest noise is noticeable for subtlety, and the crocodiles can sneak up on the viewer from the appropriate channel. Their roars are weak and lack a heavy bass line. The few explosions don’t deliver either in terms of deep rumbling. With a thicker punch, this would have been a flawless audio presentation.

Extras are brief and to the point. Sex, Guns, and Rock ‘n Roll is four minutes of random behind the scenes footage with music playing in the background. Surviving a Croc Attack is another four minute featurette offering common sense tips on what to do if a croc has you in his/her sights. Finally, the “Gnawed Up version of the movie lasts nine minutes, skipping most of the story and heading directly to the attacks.

David Flores directed this schlock fest, and it’s not surprising given his history. The miserable S.S. Doomtrooper can be credited to him, as can the “epic” Boa vs. Python. The next movie of his you can look forward to avoiding is Captain Drake.

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  • James Smith

    The humor in this film is much more irony based… the original Lake Placid was intended to be much more genuinely scary, this one will actually provide some good laughs if you go into it looking for the irony not the scare factor.

    Looks like a pretty cool game they have over at http://www.lakeplacid2dvd.com/game