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DVD Review: Labor Pains

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Labor Pains is a movie starring favorite tabloid target Lindsey Lohan in a film that was meant for a theatrical release, but went direct to ABCFamily instead. Lohan is Thea Clayhill, a secretary at a publishing company who's trying to make ends meet for herself and her sister, Emma (Bridgit Mendler), who’s a high school senior. The sister are recently orphaned and must rely solely on Thea's income to survive.

Her job mostly consists of publisher Jerry Steinwald (Chris Parnell) berating her over minuscule mistakes and her taking care of his spoiled dog’s every need. One day after a mishap with the dog Jerry is getting ready to fire her and Thea concocts a lie to keep her job – she’s tells Jerry she’s pregnant.

He discovers that for legal reasons he can’t fire her, so he must put up with her. After his dog has an accident and must go for physical rehab, Jerry’s brother Nick (Luke Kirby) is put in charge but told by Jerry not to rock the boat and to do things “Jerry’s way.” Nick then enlists Thea’s help to publish and promote a series of truthful pregnancy books which don’t gloss over the rough times pregnant woman have.

The first book is set to go when Jerry comes back. During his absence Thea and Nick have gotten closer and Thea has started to believe the pregnancy is real which includes her protecting her padded belly and taking prenatal vitamins. It all comes to a head when Emma destroys the belly during a surprise baby shower and Thea’s lie is exposed.

After getting fired, she still needs to reconcile with Nick and get word out about the book which she has put her blood, sweat, and tears into and believes in. The movie then wraps things up somewhat predictably; however it’s still believable in its execution and Lohan looks like the rising star she was a few years back.

There’s a single extra on the DVD, "The Making of Labor Pains," which is your typical promotional featurette which has cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. The featurette can be seen as made up of two parts: the first half discusses the plot and characters, while the second half has the cast and crew taking about the experience of making the film.

Labor Pains is a nice film that the entire family can watch, and just might be the film which gets Lindsey Lohan’s career back on track.

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