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DVD Review: Kill the Irishman

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I was never one for mobster films, but there have always been exceptions though. Another favorite I can add to the list is Kill the Irishman by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Kill the Irishman is the story of a local Cleveland legend, Danny Greene, the Irishman who devoted his life to bringing down the mob. The film stars Ray Stevenson as the infamous Danny Greene. Along with Vincent D’onofrio, Val Kilmer and Christopher Walken.

The movie tells the story of Danny Green, the Cleveland Celtic Warrior that the Italian mobsters couldn’t kill. The film goes from his beginning of being raised by his grandfather and growing up in the mob-runned streets of Cleveland. From his childhood to his running of the docks union, which by the way, he did illegally as he was brought up on racketeering changes, to him taking down the mob after they left him no choice but to fight back. They did anything and everything to bring him down when he began to take them down, one by one.

The special features on the DVD are a special documentary on Danny Greene and the theatrical trailer for the film.

If you’re into documentaries like I am, you’ll enjoy the documentary special feature on the dvd. “Danny Greene: The Rise and Fall of the Irishman” tells the accounts of Danny Greene and his rise to power and how he was able to bring down the mob known as the Cosa Nostra. The documentary shows interviews with family members, friends and the police detectives that were involved in his arrests and those who investigated his death after several attempts on his life.

This film is a true story of the underdog. The story of a man who would did what ever it took to get out of the life of misery that he was in and get rid of the people that put him there. Danny Greene was a man who was bullied for so long, he made the desicion to finally stand up for himself and for the people around him who could not stand up for themselves. Greene was also a man who did his best what he could to make sure they were taken care of. The film may not have a ending of a fairy tale like most film, but it gives a satifactory end to a tail of a hero.

The DVD Kill the Irishman comes out on DVD and Blue ray on June 14. For more on the DVD check out the website.

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