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DVD Review: Kidwinks – Farm

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There is a vast array of educational programming and DVDs on the market today, which is wonderful. However, of all the programming that I have watched independently, as well as with my children, Kidwinks is unique. It's unique in the aspect that it is geared toward speech therapy and language development, not only for those who may be behind developmentally in speech, but for those learning English as a second or additional language. An aspect that I found particularly wonderful is the fact that sign language is also incorporated with the learning of words.

In this edition of Kidwinks, Bobby, Kay, and the gang visit a farm filled with animals including Sheep, Horse, Dog, Duck, Cow, Pig, and Chicken. As each animal is introduced, each body part of the animal is introduced in a simple word. The animal is repeatedly named after each new word about the animal is introduced and simple sentences are put together. An example is: Pig. Pig. Tail. Pig’s Tail. Then the sign for the animal is shown. Through the repetition, the child is able to focus on and truly learn simple words and sentences. This is a very laid back, fun, and non-stressful way for a child to learn. The combination of real children, “costumed” children, and eye-catching visuals and sound are perfect and will encourage a child to want to learn.

This version of Kidwinks Farm will appeal to any child who enjoys animals and glimpses of life on the farm. The songs are also a wonderful added touch to the appeal and learning aspect of this DVD. In additional to a wonderful speech tool, this is also an enjoyable video for anyone to watch. While I previewed this release, my 7-year-old daughter even enjoyed watching with my 2-year-old son and me. One of the reasons I wanted to view this was the fact that my son seems a bit behind in his language development. While watching this video, he spoke right along with the characters and narration and loved watching and listening to the animals. There were many “awwwws” from my children throughout.

Kidwinks Farm, though simple and short (at a mere 20 minutes running time), is perfect for capturing and holding a young child’s attention. It is a very worthwhile learning tool and would be perfect in any learning environment – be it at home or in a school setting.

Also available in the Kidwinks series is Play and Thing That Go. To learn more, please visit the Kidwinks Speech Therapy and Language Development site at:


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