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DVD Review: Kenny vs. Spenny: Volume One – Uncensored

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Who says two best friends can't make you laugh? The newest DVD released by Comedy Central, Kenny vs. Spenny: Volume One – Uncensored, will keep you laughing for hours. Kenny vs. Spenny is one of Canada's most popular comedy shows, and for good reason. Both of their personalities mesh incredibly well to create a great comedic value.

Each episode, Kenny and Spenny compete in an absolutely ridiculous competition against each other to see who can do a given task better. A normal television viewer may find this to be entertaining in itself, but the tasks they complete are outrageous and undoubtedly inappropriate for many under the age of 18. These competitions include "Who can blow the biggest fart?" and "First guy to get a boner loses" among others.  My personal favorite, "Who can commit the most crime?" is included on the disc set.

One of the big draws to their competition is the fact that whoever loses the competition, has to perform an act of humiliation.  Kenny usually defeats Spenny by cheating or using the rules, which makes for a hilarious cycle of humiliation for Spenny.

The two-disc set includes eight episodes previously shown on Comedy Central and with two bonus episodes. Deleted scenes and additional audio commentary are also included, which are sure to please the die-hard fans of the television series.  The commentary is very funny as well, as Kenny and Spenny talk about random subjects as the scenes pass.

One of the big things holding this series back is the gross nature of many of the episodes. Kenny and Spenny are undoubtedly funny guys, but their penchant for finding ridiculous and nasty challenges to complete hurts the replay value after watching a few of the episodes. For instance, who wants to watch Kenny get sickened after he eats too much foul meat? Though I was really enjoying the funny aspects of their comedy show, the gross parts of the episodes made me want to turn their DVD off at the same time.

All in all, Kenny vs. Spenny: Volume One – Uncensored is a decent DVD set to pick up, especially if you like their kind of humor. They are a very funny combination, but the graphic nature of their shenanigans knocks this DVD set down a notch.

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