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DVD Review: Justice League – The Complete Series

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Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl for the ultimate superhero adventure. If you thought Batman: The Animated Series or The New Batman/Superman Adventures was good, then you haven't seen anything until you've checked out Justice League. It's difficult to explain just how awesome this series is in words. Probably the best way to sum it up is this: Justice League is the best superhero show ever.

Instead of leaning on cheesy one-liners and adolescent sidekicks who hang around just to teach viewers life lessons, Justice League cuts to the meat of storytelling with imaginative plotlines ranging from alien attacks to government conspiracies and realistic adult characters who mature both as a crime-fighting team and as friends as the series progresses. Instead of being a group of chummy friends, the heroes of Justice League don't always agree with one another, sometimes have trouble working with one another, and periodically leave and re-enter the plot — each time with evidence that something happened to them in the interim.

In the beginning, the Man of Steel himself becomes a symbol for world peace, only to find out in an alien invasion that he can't save the world by himself. He enlists (well, as much as you can enlist) Batman and frees The Martian Manhunter, who then recruits newcomer Wonder Woman, an Amazon Princess named Diana, a wise-cracking Wally West, also known as The Flash, the militant Green Lantern, John Stewart, and the hot-headed, intelligent alien Shiera, also known as Hawkgirl.

Justice League: The Complete Series consists of 14 discs containing 91 episodes from both the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated TV series, plus a bonus 15th disc that includes a great feature with the creators of the series reflecting on the Justice League, the DC Animated Universe, the show's Super Friends origins, and how this series has changed the face of the superhero TV show. Other bonus features scattered throughout the collection include director's commentary on select episodes, behind the scenes features, and trailers for upcoming DC animated universe features.

This collection brings together every Justice League episode into a wonderful collector's edition in a sturdy tin with gorgeous character artwork. Inside the tin all of the discs are separated into two volumes, one with Justice League and the other with Justice League Unlimited. Both volumes have spectacular character cover art.

This series is perfect for die-hard fans or fans who have not yet purchased any of the previous Justice League DVDs. However, if you've already bought the DVDs, then Justice League: The Complete Series doesn't offer anything new beyond the bonus disc's short feature. In fact, it looks like WB just took the previous releases and smashed them all together and didn't even bother to change the artwork on the discs, booklets or the content of the discs themselves. Aside from the compilation and collector's aspect of the collection, it feels like WB got a little lazy and thought they could cash in on this franchise one more time. Despite that, Justice League is still the best superhero show ever made, and this is the best collection of Justice League out there.

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