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DVD Review: Jonas: Rockin’ The House

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“You’ve just been Jo Bro’d!” It is pretty safe to say that you have reached success once your name becomes an action. When you have hit songs and millions of screaming fans, what else could you possibly need? Duh! A TV show! Thus came Disney’s new series Jonas: Rockin’ the House, premiering Summer 2009, and released on DVD September 22.

Volume 1 includes the first five episodes from the premiere season, and two brand new episodes as DVD special features. Now when you aren’t watching Camp Rock, listening to one of their albums, or going to one of their concerts, you can spend approximately 113 minutes with your favorite trio in this fun-filled series. For those 14 and under, the show is sure to entertain. For those who are older, your enjoyment level will depend on just how cute you think the brothers are.

The writing is mediocre and the acting even more so. The show follows the Jonas brothers as they attempt to live ordinary lives and attend school, while also being famous rock stars. How original. Who else does this sound like? “I’ve got the best of both worlds…” comes to mind in the voice of Hannah Montana herself. Only, in this series the boys don’t have to wear blond wigs to portray false identities.

While the series fails to be anything other than what an audience has come to expect from a Disney production, it doesn’t take away from the fact it successfully promotes family values. In the episode “Groovy Movies,” the boys try to make their mother’s birthdayunforgettable but instead, accidentally destroy their family home movies. In hope of saving the day, they decide to try and remake them so the family memories are not entirely lost. Imagine your sons are rock stars, and they care enough to make sure your birthday is perfect. Not bad.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely enjoyable moments, especially because the boys are not afraid to poke fun at themselves. Kevin is the ditzy one, Nick is the brooding and poetic artist, and Joe is the love-struck leading man. Fans will enjoy seeing the trio’s real life younger brother, Frankie, appear in several episodes. The show also stars Chelsea Staub and Nicole Gale Anderson, along with John Ducey as the boys’ father.

Now imagine if the Hanson brothers had their own show back in the 90’s? My how things have changed! The Disney machine strikes again.

The technical specifications of the DVD include Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0 Surround Sound, Full Screen (1.33:1), English only. Special Features include “You’ve Just Been Jo Bro’d: Surprising Chelsea Staub,” and two world premiere episodes: “Beauty and the Beat,” and “Cold Shoulder.”

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