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DVD Review: John Deere Earth Mover Action

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My four-year-old son loves anything that is big, noisy, and moves large objects with ease. He especially loves John Deere — and considering his Daddy works for John Deere and he has plenty of exposure to this company name, that’s no big surprise. With that being said, John Deere Earth Mover Action was a huge hit with my little man. From the moment I popped the DVD in until the rolling credits, he was hooked, happy, and in heaven. Okay, so his Daddy was just as content watching right along with him as well. I have to say that from a Mommy/female standpoint it wasn’t overly painful to watch either.

TM Books & Video, Inc is an incredible company when it comes to introducing children to a wide and excellent range of earthshaking, rip-roaring fun! This newer release is no exception with its lively music (compliments of award-winning singer/songwriter James Coffey), large excavators, graders, scrapers, and dozers. There is never a quiet moment as these machines dig, plow, load, and climb. John Deere Earth Mover Action will also delight anyone with a sweet tooth as they watch the action of the machines mining candy at the Big Rock Candy Mountain quarry.

In addition to John Deere Earth Mover Action, our family has All About John Deere for Kids in our collection. To be honest, the latter has been watched so often that most of us can recite the entire thing by heart — songs included. Needless to say, the addition of Earth Mover Action was a godsend and one that has been enjoyed over and over again. Not only does this DVD educate by introducing many types of machinery, it is also tons of fun and will stimulate a child’s imagination to no end. For anyone with a little boy, or big boy, (or, perhaps, even little girls, for that matter) I highly recommend John Deere Earth Mover Action. Be it a gift or a special treat, this is a film that is sure to be watched again and again with huge smiles and wide eyes. Did I forget to mention the fact that the catchy tunes may get firmly lodged within your brain! Yeah, beware, but it is oh-so-worth it!

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