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DVD Review: Joe Rogan – Talking Monkeys in Space

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How unfair would it be for a reviewer suffering from kidney stones to choose that time to review a stand-up comedian? If you think about it, nothing is funny when you’re waiting for those stones to “pass.” I’m not so sure you would want to laugh, even if something was absolutely hilarious. But what else can you do? Not much of anything.

Being laid up with the aforementioned problem, I decided to experiment on Joe Rogan. I’ve already been accused of not having a sense of humor (anytime you give a less than five-star review, that’s the accusation), so what happens when an experienced (old) person with kidney stones and no sense of humor sits down with Talking Monkeys in Space?

Laughing, that’s what happens. Laughing out loud. The thing about kidney stones is, unless you’re going to have surgery, all you can do is wait, and the wait is interminable. Joe Rogan’s Talking Monkeys in Space bends time—speeds it up—and helps you forget that you are suffering (or at least distracts you for a while).

Rogan tackles a smorgasbord of topics, and every item on the menu is delicious. He begins talking about getting older, and immediately follows that with his take on babies (“babies are awesome”). He is a new parent and, although babies are familiar stand-up territory, he delivers a new slant on babies and breast milk. If I say any more, I’ll be giving too much away, and you don’t want to hear second-hand Rogan; you want it straight from the man.

When Joe Rogan riffs on an anti-marijuana ad that features a talking dog, you feel you’ve got to see the ad (unless you already have). I was compelled to go to YouTube after watching Talking Monkeys in Space to see the PSA from Partnership for a Drug-Free America. All I can say is, “Rogan nailed it.” It’s not just his commentary about the ad that’s funny, but also his honest reading of the dog’s lines.

Rogan speaks a lot about weed, and it’s obvious he knows his subject. His observations are on target and hilarious. He also brings an amusing physicality to his repertoire, using slapstick to emphasize points he makes.

Talking Monkeys in Space includes material on climbing Mt. Everest, evolution, liars, Mormon converts, chimps, tigers, and Dr. Phil. One of the funnier bits explains the frustration that led to the extinction of Tyrannosaurus Rex. For the faint of heart, I must warn that there’s plenty of sexually-oriented material and "strong language." Whether you choose to be offended will determine whether you enjoy Talking Monkeys in Space.

Joe Rogan is familiar to viewers of Talk Radio and Fear Factor, but he professes that what he truly loves is stand-up in comedy clubs. He enjoys the intimacy he shares with small audiences. Talking Monkeys in Space was filmed in a theater, but Rogan established an easy rapport with his audience, which is further demonstrated in a question and answer period following his performance.

Extras on the DVD include Talking Monkeys in Columbus and Behind the Scenes. Talking Monkeys in Space is not rated; if it were, it would get an “R” for language—very adult.

Bottom Line: Would I buy/rent Talking Monkeys in Space? Yes; I’m looking forward to watching it again when I don’t have so much on my “mind.”

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