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DVD Review: Jimmy and Judy

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Jimmy and Judy is destined to be a cult classic. Starring Edward Furlong and Rachael Bella, this movie is a love story gone wrong involving two troubled teens. With the help of a trusty video camera the outcasts take a trip away from society while filming one another’s deeds. Written and directed by Randall Rubin and Jon Schroder, Jimmy and Judy was named MySpace.com’s best feature at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

You may have seen Edward Furlong in odd independent movies before, like Pecker, but Jimmy and Judy is a whole other breed of a bizarre movie. Aimed more at the rebellious youth and the bullied, it’s like a teen video diary version of Natural Born Killers. It’s a story of two teens who find each other after thinking they had no one.

Jimmy seems like a troubled kid from the moment the movie starts. Judy seems to share the same bumpy lifestyle. At first they know of each other but do no know one another. Thanks to the kids' having parents who are friends, the two meet awkwardly. At first Jimmy seems to hide behind the camera, filming only Judy, asking questions. Soon the camera is turned on Jimmy and once Judy finds out that he cares for her, they start a rather awkward relationship.

Making poor decisions from the get-go, Jimmy seems to prove his worthiness to the timid Judy. Soon the two are on a full-out rampage and are falling in love with one another. Their respect for others becomes lost and they choose the path of the righteous. Soon the two are getting into drug-filled misadventures and eventually tie the knot after fleeing from a meth trailer murder. Judy becomes violated and Jimmy seeks revenge. It's almost a sweet vengeance seeing the trash get taken out. In the end, what happens and why it happens leaves the couple battered, bruised, scared, and ready to turn themselves in. The dangerous lifestyle has taken its toll.

Jimmy and Judy is a downward spiral of a teen drama with spunk about two twisted kids, a camera, and a misunderstood love obsession. Add some drugs and violence along with the police chasing them cross country and you have yourself a cult film aimed at all the freaks and geeks of high school.

Overall the movie was interesting at times but just not entertaining in some areas. You will be left thinking about certain scenes though. The Blair Witch-style filming was too much for me. There were some slower moments that really made me want to fast forward but I hung in there. Edward Furlong looks a little old to be playing a high school dropout but played the role well. Rachael Bella is cute and sassy and looks beautiful with red hair. The couple, married in real life, are the perfect misfit pair for this movie.

I can't say I would watch this movie again. It just didn't do it for me. Perhaps it is because I am no longer in high school looking for acceptance or just do not care about breaking the law anymore. I do remember the way I felt as a teenager when I watched my first rebellious movie. I was labeled a freak at the time and prided myself on being a geek. This is the kind of movie that would have satisfied me in my younger years when I played with the idea of being a rebel but never went through with it. I can see a lot of young misguided people getting a lot of taboo enjoyment from this movie.

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