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DVD Review: Jim Gaffigan – King Baby

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Mortal men might be ashamed at their pudginess, laziness, and gastronomical obsession, but not Jim Gaffigan.  Instead, Gaffigan uses these characteristics as punchlines that have surely earned him hundreds of dollars as he travels the country to inform the masses how much of a pig he is, and how they pretty much are too.  Fresh off his widely successful Beyond the Pale DVD, released in 2006, Jim Gaffigan has decided to once again grace us with his shockingly pale presence in his newest DVD, King Baby.

Filmed during a stint in Austin, Texas, King Baby is perhaps best used as a pedagogical tool.  In it we learn the wonders of meat, the absurdities of camping, and the sheer genius of the escalator and snooze bar.  Of course, this is not all as there are many other topics discussed to both gladden the heart and inform the mind.   

Most known for his "Hot Pockets" bit, Gaffigan spends most of his time on stage talking about food in ways both memorable and ethereal.  After spending a little over an hour at the feet of this master of burlesque, the student will no doubt desire to adorn all food with bacon (or at least the most magical form of bacon:  the bits of bacon), only achieving perfection if done while lounging on the couch and watching television at the same time.

In addition to the main feature, this disc also contains many insightful extras.  These include Comedy Central commercials for both the Beyond the Pale and King Baby specials, interviews with the baron of jest himself, PSAs for "Our Massive Planet," and three "Pale Force" animated shorts.  

King Baby releases Tuesday, March 31st, but the special can also be viewed Sunday, March 29th at 9:00PM Eastern on Comedy Central.

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