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DVD Review: Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos

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It all began with a little Arguing, which then Sparked into something Very Special and now has entered into Chaos. The fourth Comedy Central special, Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos is now out on DVD. We get to catch up on the adventures of Walter, Peanut, and the rest of gang while we are introduced to some new characters. The DVD also has some extended material that did not air on Comedy Central, as well as some special features.

During the special, Dunham talks about his divorce, his history with his puppets, his horrible fashion sense, and his current world tour that has taken him to places he thought he would never go.

Then he brings out the puppets, Walter; the grumpy retiree that will do anything to get away from his wife, Achmed, the world most lovable dead terrorist with his bony limbs flying every which way, and Peanut, that lovable Woozle who continuously torments his friends Jeff and Jose, the Jalapeño on a stick.

Also, on the DVD Dunham introduces two new characters in this special, Achmed Jr. and Peanuts new puppet, Little Jeff. Both are interesting to watch and both bring little something new to the act.

There are a few things on the DVD that I found interesting, one of them happened to be the outtakes. Other features include some of the other openings for his stand up tours. The one opening that I happened to enjoy is the one where Peanut happens to steal Jeff’s camera and tells the audience that his life is a nightmare and that Dunham’s success is all because of him.

Another feature on this DVD is probably the most informative of the whole this is how Dunham creates the Achmed Mobile that was used for the cold open for the DVD. That car that was used was for opening is a hot rod called The Defibrillator. The process in developing the Achmed mobile is interesting if you are the type of person that is into hot rod detailing. There at least one thing that I wished was on this DVD and that

Dunham’s has some of the most unbelievable characters. Each one wackier than the last and I am always laughing my head off when I watch his specials. His ability to control more one voice at a time is amazing. The DVD is great and the features also give insight to how his mind works.

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  • Little Jeff may not be new, but they certainly market him as such! The DVD packaging and release materials call him ‘new.’ Perhaps they use that label because Little Jeff did not appear on his previous three comedy specials, which is what most people know him from.

  • Glad to hear about more Jeff Dunham, and especially glad to hear that he’s still funny. FYI, the mini-Jeff puppet has actually been shown before in one of Jeff’s older performances, before he went mainstream. You can see it here.

    I don’t know if it’s the same thing you see in the knew one, but it’s still funny so that’s not a problem. I’m just saying, the Little Jeff isn’t that new. Other than that, I pretty much agreed with everything you said!