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DVD Review: It’s Always In Sunny In Philadelphia Seasons 1 and 2

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Back when Seinfeld was first released on DVD, I was an avid purchaser. I thought the show was somehow funny and carried some depth with its snarky commentary during its first two seasons. Then I did a trick.

I closed my eyes and listened only to the audio.

Episode after episode I found myself gritting my teeth. Nothing was changing in the dialect. Not a hint that perhaps all of the whining and complaining wasn't leading anywhere.

God, now I'm thinking like my mother.

I guess my attraction to the show was the feeling that sometimes you are unable in life to express your feelings at the risk of your status in society. I think a sitcom like that can be done in the vein of Seinfeld, but with a bit less of the constant yammering.

However many years the show has been off the air, there are those that seemingly would like it back. F/X gave people of Seinfeld's ilk an answer, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Created by Rob McElhenney, the show takes places in a bar (located in Philly) known as Paddy's Bar. Three friends (Glenn Howerton, McElhenney, and Charlie Day), who are owners of the establishment, spend their time getting involved in all kinds of situations. Their fourth and fifth wheels in these adventures are a waitress (Kaitlin Olsen) and a guy (Danny Devito) whose paternal connection to some of them isn't known.

I watched the pilot and then the second episode. Then my nerves were shot. Perhaps it's because I actually sit around listening to people who do give snarky commentary all the time. I don't usually laugh and I barely stick around to find the irony.

Hell, I could turn to my family for that.

I like Danny Devito, he's easily one of the best comic actors of our time. That being said, why isn't this Danny's show? At least when he complains you don't actually think he's serious. Don't believe me? Check Ruthless People out. For an encore, rent Other People's Money afterwards.

With this DVD, you get three discs with all 17 episodes from the first and second seasons of the show. For special features, you get the following:

  • Scenes from an unaired version of the pilot
  • Audio Commentary from Cast And Crew In selected episodes.
  • Making Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Featurette
  • Outtakes
  • A FOX Movie Channel Presents Special
  • Kaitlin Olsen's Audition Featurette

As I said, F/X answered the call of Seinfeld fans and gave them essentially what they wanted — only set in Philly. The difference here is that none of the leads, characters, or scripts are fresh.

I'd rather watch The Ropers.

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