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DVD Review: In Search of the Holey Veil by Taylor Lockwood

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Exotic mushroom photography isn’t something you see every day, even for someone interested in wildcrafting. Years ago, I took a class at a local college that introduced me to hunting for mushrooms. Of course, mushrooms in Vermont are not generally thought of as exotic as those you might find in other countries. We do have some really interesting looking mushrooms right here in Vermont but, for exotic mushrooms, you’d need to travel abroad or watch In Search of the Holey Veil by Taylor Lockwood.

In Search of the Holey Veil is a photographic journey with Taylor Lockwood as he searches for a very rare mushroom he calls the “Holey Veil.” You will get a fascinating look at exotic mushroom photography in the forests of India, Nepal, Thailand, and China. During this photographic documentary, you’ll have a chance to see mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colors in their native environment. During his three-month journey to the tropics of Asia, he searches for the Holey Veil and other bioluminescent mushrooms.

Much more than a documentary about bioluminescent mushrooms, the movie takes you through the stunning scenery of India, Nepal, Thailand, and China. There you will meet local animals and wildlife, and the villages and people of these countries. You’ll see monkeys jumping through the trees, insects scampering across the forest floor and a huge variety of people as they go about their daily lives in the cities and forests of Asia.

Taylor’s journey is partially done by bicycle, part by vehicle and part by foot or elephant. Seeing Asia through his eyes is truly fascinating. The shapes and colors of the mushrooms in this documentary are amazing and like nothing that I have ever seen before. The photography is truly spectacular and he captures all of the tiniest details of the mushrooms he finds. There are mushrooms that are tiny as a pin and some that are much larger and you get to see them all in their native environment. From neon pinks and blues to translucent white, there are more varieties than I ever knew existed.

Taylor makes his journey for the Holey Veil both fun and interesting and has a great personality that really gets you into his hunt for mushrooms. Whether you’re interested in exotic mushrooms, nature photography, or simply learning about new places and cultures, In Search of the Holey Veil by Taylor Lockwood is definitely a DVD you will want to watch. He has a number of other DVD’s you can check out as well including Mushrooms of America, Macro Mushroom Confidential, The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly, and The Mushroom Identification Trilogy. You can also find books and gift items that feature his photography.

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