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DVD Review: In Search of Santa Claus

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Santa Claus has long been an iconic figure known by one and all. Even those who do not celebrate the Christmas holiday know who Santa Clause is. In the DVD release of In Search of Santa Claus, the question of just who this jolly old soul really is is answered.

Smithsonian Networks, one of the leading companies bringing informative, entertaining and educational programming to viewers has put together a wonderful program which takes what is known about the very first multi-national saint and separates fact from fiction. From fourth-century miracle worker, Bishop Nicholas of Myra, to sixth-century Abbot Nicholas of nearby Zion the question and wonder of how these Holy Men of the Middle East became the much adored Saint Nicolas of legends is addressed.

In Search of Santa Claus is quite fascinating and gives an excellent look into the history of the revolution of Saint to holiday icon. With a runtime of 47 minutes, there is just enough interesting facts and information featured to hold ones attention without falling into that trap of drudgery and boredom. Adults and older children, alike, will enjoy this peek into the reality of Santa Claus and how he came to be so popular and well known.

Little known facts about Saint Nick come to light throughout this program and will surprise many viewers. After viewing In Search of Santa Claus, one will view this jolly, rosy-checked, tummy-like-a-bowl-full-of-jelly icon in a bit of a different light. I greatly enjoyed watching this film and my daughter, who is nine and is still a believer of Santa Claus, seemed to enjoy it as well. Though I must say her attention to it was a bit of a “here and there” type of thing, it was a fun look at history for both of us. Overall, In Search of Santa Claus is an interesting way to kick off the holiday season and bring a bit of educational learning to the season.

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