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DVD Review: iCarly, Season 1, Vol.2

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Nickelodeon's iCarly returns to home video with season one, volume two. The DVD features Carly, Sam, and Freddie and the usual zany adventures while they produce their web show, iCarly, and also features Carly's goofy brother Spencer. This two-DVD set features twelve episodes of this fan favorite.

iCarly is a Nickelodeon teen favorite series focusing on a girl named Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) who starts her own web show titled iCarly with her two best friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress). Jerry Trainor stars as her goofy but lovable brother Spencer. The show follows them as they suffer the usual teen angst as well as crazy things that happen with their show and at school. The show covers a lot of common teen themes like dating, friendship, and family.

This delightful DVD has the usual crazy antics that seem to follow this trio as they produce their successful web show, and if your kids are iCarly fans this will be a must-have for your video collection. The episodes can be watched individually or separately, and either way is fun and enjoyable.

I love Nickelodeon shows because they are entertaining for your kids, but they are also shows that parents can trust not to have objectionable content. As a parent, the fact that this is programming I don't have to worry about my kids watching is very important. Nickelodeon has been known for quality children's programming, and this DVD is no exception.

As a bonus, the shows are fun to watch even for adults, so parents won't go insane when kids want to watch it over and over. I spent as much time laughing at Carly's goofy brother Spencer as I did the antics of Carly and her friends.

Included on this two-DVD set are the following episodes:

Disc 1:

  • "iAm Your Biggest Fan" – I absolutely loved this first episode. It involves a crazed fan named Mandy (Aria Wallace) that they can't seem to shake. The episode is very funny. Just watch out for the duck sounds!
  • "iHeart Art" – The hilarity continues in this episode when Freddie bets Sam five dollars per insult that she can't stop insulting him. Watching Sam try NOT to insult Freddie is fun to watch!
  • "iHate Sam's Boyfriend" – When Sam starts dating a friend of Carly, it causes hard feelings among the three friends.
  • "iDon't Want To Fight" – Sam and Carly fight over a present that Sam trades for concert tickets.
  • "iPromote TechFoots" – Carly gets to be the spokesperson for some great new shoe. And then the shoes fall apart and her fans get angry. Spencer falls asleep on a bus and does some international traveling.
  • "iGot Detention" – While planning a special episode Freddie gets detention on the special day. Unfortunately there is a problem that involves Freddie, a ball, and the principal.

Disc 2:

  • "iStakeout" – The police use the loft for a stakeout and Freddie loses a bet to Sam and has to pay the consequences.
  • "iCarly Saves TV (extended version)" – Carly might be taking the show big-time,
  • "iMight Switch Schools" – Sam and Freddie are upset when Carly gets a scholarship to a private school.
  • "iFence" – Spencer and Freddie go fencing to get some 'guy' time.
  • "iWin a Date" – Carly starts a dating segment on the show and hilarious teen dating mishaps occur.
  • "iHave a Love Sick Teacher" -The kids history teacher gets dumped by her boyfriend and becomes abusive to the class. Spencer steps in and dates her til he discovers she's crazy!

The DVD is loaded with extras including a special bonus feature of the pilot episode of True Jackson, VP.

As you can see, your iCarly fans will have hours (292 minutes run time) of viewing zaniness with Carly and her crazy friends. This is definitely a DVD you can purchase for your home collection and be confident that it will be watched over and over again!

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  • grimtraveller

    Last Xmas, my sons {aged 7 & 4 } and were watching TV and we were all kind of bored with everything we had been watching for the past year. So we decided to play a game of “let’s watch something we’ve never watched before, whether it’s good or rubbish just for the heck of it !” And it was iCarly we happened to stumble upon. The first one we saw wasn’t particularly good but we decided to sit through the next and it was brilliant. The next day, the Nickelodeon channel had back to back iCarly day and suffice to say, by midnight the next day, we were hooked ! Went thru that entire day in front of the TV but we didn’t see it as a wasted day !!
    All these months later we still watch it and it’s brilliantly acted although it wears a little thin when you’ve seen them 120 times….
    It’s good for the family and brings up various issues that one can discuss with young kids. Some childrens TV in England (much of it imported from the US of A) is too heavy for the ages it’s pitched at but iCarly doesn’t fall into that realm.
    Many of the ideas and dialogue are fully formed realizations of things that first appeared in “Drake and Josh”, also featuring Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor.