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DVD Review: I Am Legend

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Imagine a world where you think you're the last one alive. This is what Will Smith thinks in I Am Legend, a movie from Warner Bros. A cure for cancer is found in the not so distant future, but something goes drastically wrong once the cure is used on the entire population. It kills some and turns others into zombies. One man survives along with his dog, and it his mission to try to find a cure for the disease unleashed by the first cure.

Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a military scientist living in what is left of New York City. He has lost practically everything in the days before the rest of the world is destroyed. He spends his day walking through the city, sending out a radio transmission he hopes is heard and responded to. While living some semblance of a life, talking to dummies, and avoiding the zombie humans that dwell in darkness, Neville continuously tries to find a cure by testing on animals and the zombie-like creatures he manages to capture.

This movie shows us his life and how he manages to survive as apparently the last man on earth – the last living man, in any case. The idea of a world where most of the people are wiped out is a scary thought. It has been the focus of other films and books in the past, but I Am Legend deals with it in its own way. We see New York City in a post-apocalyptic state, with very little left living.

This movie is moving and exciting all at the same time. Will Smith plays his role wonderfully under the direction of Francis Lawrence. His character's persistence finally does pay off, but at an even higher cost.

I found this movie to be completely involving. One would have to wonder if Smith would be capable of carrying an entire movie almost entirely on his own, but he is able to do so quite well. This film highlights his acting talent, and once again he is on top of his game with a movie full of action and some science fiction. This is something he is known for with past roles in films like Independence Day and I, Robot.

The DVD contains the original theatrical release along with a second disc containing an unrated version with additional scenes and an alternate ending. The other ending changes the feel and the mood of the film entirely, and I personally like the original ending better. I enjoyed the original ending of the movie because it tied things together. We know there is somewhat of a happy ending. While some may see this as a cop out, I actually saw the alternate ending as the cop out. Nothing was resolved with the alternate and everything was left wide open to speculation. As a movie viewer, I like knowing things are somewhat resolved unless we know there is another film to follow that will tie things up.

The DVD also has additional bonus materials including information on the filming of the movie, links to comics, and information about other viral infections currently facing the world's population. Finally, this two-disc set includes a free digital copy of the movie you can download from the Internet and keep on your hard drive.

All in all, this is definitely a DVD to add to your collection, especially if you're a fan of Will Smith.  

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