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DVD Review: Hostel Part III

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Get ready to take a seat, order a drink and place your bets. The next chapter in the Hostel horror franchise is here with Hostel Part III. It’s a bit off from the previous two movies but what they’ve done with this one does work well in its own right. In the previous two installations, we journey to European locations where people are kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder to be mutilated, tortured and have many unimaginable things done before the victim is finally killed.

Everyone’s favorite place to party, gamble and have a bachelor party, Las Vegas, becomes the home of this chapter. No longer do I feel safe, as one of my favorite places to vacation too is now a place of massacre. It brings a whole new meaning to, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Hostel Part III pleases on many levels but also falls short.

It’s almost a chapter right out of The Hangover as the movie begins with four friends heading to Vegas for a bachelor party. After running into two exotic escorts things take a turn for the worst. After a night of partying, one of the friends is missing and a frantic search begins to find him. Little do they know he is about to be murdered, and an exclusive group of rich men and women are betting on how he will die. It brings a whole new meaning to high stake gambling.

Overall the setup for this chapter is decent. I liked the change of pace as it goes from people bidding on a person to torture them, to people placing bets on how a person is going to die. It’s a pleasant change that could have been better executed, mainly in the executions. For being a Hostel movie, I felt this one was probably the cleanest of the three in terms of gore and murders. Though many of these deaths were torturous, the blood and guts weren’t there. Some of the deaths seem a bit too quick and clean.

Though this one had less gore, it did add in a new factor of terror. Gone is the comfort of the murders being done overseas and instead hit close to home. In many ways this made the previous two movies a bit more bearable, knowing these events are an ocean away and that I sit in the safety of my home. It brings in a new sense of fear, that this is all happening so close that I feel it brings in its own form of torture to the psyche. It’ll definitely make you want to look over your shoulder quite frequently the next time you’re in Vegas, especially if you’re in a hotel room alone.

The DVD unfortunately falls short in terms of its content.  In many cases you expect a featuette or two at the very least.  All that is offered is a commentary with director Steven Spiegel and Kip Pardue.  This unfortunately leaves an empty feeling as this was generally the only and most common extra you’d get on most DVDs over a decade ago, leaving this one a bit bland.

Hostel Part III has its flaws, but it also has its moments as well. This would have been a good starting point as the first in the series, but being the third you would expect more. If you’re a Hostel fan, you’ll enjoy this movie just don’t expect to be as good as the previous movies. If this is your first Hostel movie, it stands on its own, but don’t judge the previous two on this one as they are definitely superior. I would still recommend this to fans of horror and the Hostel franchise as it will make your skin crawl. And the ending is superb!

Hostel Part III Will be available on DVD December 27th.

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