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DVD Review: Horrible Bosses

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Horrible Bosses, directed by Seth Gordon, is a laugh-out-loud comedy about three friends who conspire to murder their horrid bosses. Nick’s boss, Dave (Kevin Spacey) is a manipulative jerk who has been terrorizing Nick for the past eight years. Although Nick had a small hope of being promoted, Dave’s tightwad boss gives himself the promotion, as well as the office space and the extra salary.

Dale is a dental assistant and his boss, Dr. Julia (Jennifer Aniston), is perverted and sexually harasses him on a daily basis. Although Dale is recently engaged, Julia only ups the sexual antics and threatens that if Dale does not sleep with her, she will tell Dale’s fiancé that he did in fact sleep with her.

Kurt’s boss dies by a freak heart attack, leaving his boss’s cokehead son Bobby (Colin Farrell) in charge. Bobby cares nothing about his father’s company and plans to run it into the ground in order to get the greatest profits to use on drugs and women.

The three friends congregate at a bar after the work day and drunkenly hypothesize what it would be like to murder their bosses. What starts as just as an idea evolves into something much more when they meet up with a murder consultant (Jamie Foxx), and before they know it, they are staking out their bosses’ houses and trying to decide how they would kill them.

However, their plan goes awry when Nick witnesses the death of one of the targeted bosses. Fleeing the scene, the police now suspect of all three of a murder they had only planned on committing. They then shift from planning the murders to bringing in the killer.

Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis have great chemistry as three friends, giving excellent performances. Aniston does surprisingly well with a type she does not usually play, and is very funny as the oversexed dentist. Spacey plays the  the psycho boss and incredibly jealous husband flawlessly, and Foxx is great in his role as the murder consultant. Overall, the casting in this movie was great with many big name comedians adding to the script.

The script itself is very raunchy but incredibly funny. Comparable to Bateman’s The Change Up and Sudeikis’s Hall Pass, the film contains explicit language but never shows full nudity. The film may not be for those who are easily offended or those looking for a serious movie to watch. Horrible Bosses is a fun movie to watch but in no way an award winning movie. Although slightly predictable, it is an enjoyable film with jokes that will keep you laughing throughout the film. I would recommend this movie and it was better than I had expected.

“Horrible Bosses” was released onto DVD and Blu-Ray October 11, and is rated R.

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