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DVD Review: Homeless for the Holidays

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Homeless for the Holidays is based on a true story and shows the effect of the recession on one family’s Christmas. Jack Baker lives a life that many would envy. He’s very well off. He has a huge house in a very nice, upwardly mobile neighborhood. His wife stays home with their two children. He has a job as a marketing executive in a big company. He has the best and he takes it for granted. He thinks he deserves it. After all, why should he spend his good money to take care of the poor? He works hard for what he has.

After being less than generous and rather rude at a donation drop, Jack finds his circumstances are changing. He looses his job suddenly and they have no income coming in. They cannot pay the bills that their lavish lifestyle requires. He’s convinced that the company that fired him is going to hire him back any day now so he spends his days at home in bed doing nothing. Except they don’t hire him back and he can’t find a job in today’s rotten economy. They’ve liquidated their minimal savings and investments and slowly things begin to be turned off and repossessed.

Jack takes a job at a fast food place to bring in at least some money and realizes how humiliating it is for him to work there and be treated badly. He swallows his pride and continues to work there to make what little money he can but it isn’t enough. He realizes that if something doesn’t change soon, they’ll loose everything and be homeless for the holidays.

Homeless for the Holidays is a very touching story. They could easily be the family next door to you especially in today’s economy. I really enjoyed the story because it was so realistic. It was so easy to connect with the Bakers and see yourself in that situation. It was also very rewarding to see him realize what it is like to struggle to feed your family.

This is a fantastic movie to watch with your children. It will really give them more of an understanding of how lucky they are with what they have and how thankful they should be each day to not be in his situation. This movie has received a five Dove rating and is family safe. DVD features include deleted scenes, production diary, auditions highlight reel and commentary with writer/drector/producer George Johnson. You can find more information on their website http://homelessfortheholidaysmovie.com.

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