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DVD Review: HIT Favorites: Trick or Treat Tales

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Trick or Treat Tales is a fun way to bring home Halloween in a child-friendly way. The DVD contains all of your child's favorite characters such as Thomas, Barney, Bob the Builder, Fifi and the Flowertots, and Angelina Ballerina. Included as well on this DVD is a bonus episode featuring Fireman Sam in an episode titled "Cat Magic." Trick or Treat Tales will provide almost an hour of singing, dancing, and fun stories for your children.

Thomas and Friends have an episode titled "Flour Power" in which Thomas becomes covered in flour while loading his cars. As he chugs along he comes across a fellow train who thinks he is a ghost. Once it's discovered Thomas really isn't a ghost everything goes back to normal in the village of Sodor. Living up to its almost realistic look, children are transported to Thomas's world in bright colors and imaginative fun.

In the next segment called "Guess Who?" Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff have children involved in trying to find Riff in the midst of a pumpkin party for Halloween. Several new songs are sung by the children and Barney and friends which has the children become engaged and maybe even get up and dance. Again, vibrant colors add to the show and really draw in the children's attention to what is going on.

In Bob the Builder's "Trix's Pumpkin Pie," Spud takes Trix's pumpkin pie and Bob gets all the equipment in on trying to find it. Two of the characters find the pie and return it to Trix just in time for the harvest dinner all the characters are having in celebration of the autumn harvest. "Pirate Primrose" is the episode for Fifi and the Flowertots and children will learn that cheating doesn't pay while the characters go on a treasure hunt dressed as pirates. At the end when the treasure gets thrown into a mud pit as a result of Stingo's and Slugsy's cheating all work together to retrieve the treasure chest and all are rewarded with necklaces and a tea party.

In Angelina Ballerina's episode, "The Costume Ball," Angelina wants to go to the costume ball but becomes upset when her mom tells her no and she has to be watched by Mrs. Hodgepodge. Angelina and Alice sneak out after their babysitter falls asleep and are eventually found out and made to clean the dance hall as punishment. The last show on the DVD is Fireman Sam in his episode, "Cat Magic," in which two children are taking a hike with their mom and their cat is following them and won't go home. The family stops at an empty well that you can make wishes on when their cat, Lion, falls into the well — although the family doesn't know that.

This is a great array of episodes from HIT Entertainment, one that most children will enjoy for the colors in all of the shows and the engaging way in which the characters interact. Each episode teaches some sort of value, whether it's telling the truth, not stealing, or doing what your parents say — a child can easily learn life lessons from these shows. Some of the shows get the children up and moving, like Barney and Angelina Ballerina and others make them use logic and critical thinking skills like Thomas and Fireman Sam. The DVD is one that will stay in a family's home theatre for years to come.

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  • Great article, Sarah! I love the cover on this and it sounds like such a great and fun collection!