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DVD Review: Hemalayaa Bollywood Boogie Workout

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Hemalayaa is a dance fitness and yoga instructor who has just introduced a new workout DVD titled Hemalayaa Bollywood Boogie Workout through Acacia. Hemalayaa teaches yoga and Indian dance in California and worldwide at various workshops and retreats. Her Hemalayaa Bollywood Workout series is on Discovery’s FitTV channel twice a week.

The Hemalayaa Bollywood Boogie Workout is the third workout DVD in the Hemalayaa Bollywood Workout series. The first Bollwyood workout DVD was Bollywood Dance Workout and the second was the Bollywood Dance Blast. Hemalayaa’s Bollywood dance workouts are inspired by her love of Indian dance. These dance workouts are a fun, energetic mix of cardio and dance fitness routines. The dance moves in the Hemalayaa Bollywood Boogie Workout will address all the major muscle groups in your body as well as focus on slimming your waistline.

The Hemalayaa Bollywood Boogie Workout is 45 minutes in length (not including the bonus features) and contains three different 15-minute long dance fitness workouts. The 15-minute workouts are: Goddess & Infusion, Hero & Heroine, and Boogie All Around. The music is upbeat and very sensual. The moves should (notice I said should) be smooth and energetic. While the moves aren’t difficult to follow, this is a serious workout that would probably work best for someone who has done dance or dance fitness in the past. I would rate this as an intermediate level dance fitness workout DVD. The workout routines are fairly short (only 15 minutes long) but they are definitely very intense, energetic, and focused. I really felt the burn after doing just one of these routines.

Hemalayaa Bollywood Boogie Workout contains a bonus performance, segments from Hemalayaa: Yoga for Everyone (eight minutes) and Dance & Be Fit: Lower Body Burn (eight minutes). You also have the option of listening to only the music or the music and instructions. I recommend you start by listening to both the music and instructions. No special equipment is needed for these routines.

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