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DVD Review: Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?

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After three seasons of singing, boys, mischief-making, and identity searching, is Miley going to really throw in the Hannah Montana towel and say goodbye? Is she going to choose a quiet life in Tennessee with her beloved horse, Blue Jeans, instead of remaining in Malibu and rockin' out as Hannah? Well, maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, this DVD collection is a fun one. It may not be my favorite, but my seven-year-old daughter loves it, and after all, it is aimed much more toward her than a 36-year-old.

Included on Miley Says Goodbye are six episodes of Hannah Montana fun, laughs, and soul searching. There is the hour-long episode where Miley wonders if Jake (Cody Linley) or guest star David Archuleta could really and truly be the one. Who will she choose and will her heart be satisfied? In addition to the original episode ("He Could Be the One"), there is also an alternative ending, not seen anywhere else, that will leave viewers slack-jawed.

Other episodes include "You Never Give Me Money," where Miley's money and financial skills are put to the test with hilarious results, and "Papa's Got a New Friend," in which an accidental push from a window sends Miley's choreographer to the hospital for an extended stay. Her new choreographer is more like a drill sergeant than teacher, yet becomes best friends with her dad, making firing him almost impossible. Lilly and Oliver are excited about prom and making plans, but poor Miley doesn't have a date, until she accepts the offer of a not so popular boy. Will she break this boy's heart when guest star David Archuleta calls her up, asking to record a duet that same night, or will she do the right thing? Find out in "Promma Mia." Of course, the DVD would not be complete without the all-important "Miley Says Goodbye? Part 1" and "Miley Says Goodbye? Part 2," when Miley is faced with the decision of whether she wants to give up her rock style life and return to the quiet of Tennessee where her beloved horse, Blue Jeans, is.

Bonus features exclusive to the DVD are the alternate ending to "He Could Be The One" which I chatted about earlier, "Hannah's Highlights: You Never Give Me My Money," also mentioned above, and finally, "Sister Secrets," in which Miley's real life sister talks about Miley and shows fans another side that they may be surprised to discover.

All in all, Disney's Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye? is 134 minutes of tween fun that, in my opinion, is well worth the price. Fans of Hannah Montana will be sure to want to watch again and again, experiencing an abundance of laughter, heartfelt sighs, smiles, and body moving and grooving, dancing and singing. As a mom of a soon-to-be tween, I recommend this DVD, as well as the others in the Hannah Montana collection. Despite bits of controversy here and there from the public, with Miley Cyrus, I completely feel comfortable allowing my daughter to be entertained by this talented young woman and have to admit that I enjoy watching and listening right along with her.

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    Hi i Like Hannah montana

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    Yes, definitely NOT David.

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    lol op it’s not david archuleta, it’s drew roy/character name = jesse. nice try!!!

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    Woo! David Archuleta! 😀