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DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Seventh Season

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Season seven of Grey’s is probably one of the best yet. We come off Season 6, where many of the doctors at Seattle Grace are still trying to recover from the traumatic events and deal with the emotions of being part of a shooting massacre. Meredith, still wrestling with her emotions insists she is ok the return to surgery and dealing with not only the shooting but the miscarriage of her baby. Christina battles her own emotions, as she runs away from her work and avoids returning to surgery at all costs.

Many of the episodes this season spend time following Derek Shepherd’s medical trial for Alzheimer’s, Callie and Arizona’s relationship, and their future child, being fathered by Sloan. Also featured is Meredith’s mission to make sure all goes well in Derek’s Alzheimer’s trials, fueled by her own mother’s battle with the disease. Karev competes against the other residents to become chief resident, Yang fights with her own emotions to return to surgery, and Teddy wrestles with her love for her “fake” husband and a man she is dating.

It is a season full of so much drama you wonder how there could be room for more. Well, the writers of this show make sure they bring you even more, with 22 episodes ready to shock you. I was blown away with this season. Almost every moment I loved, and found myself wrestling with my own emotions as we bounced around the emotional spectrum. I went from happy to sad to happy all over again as each episode hops around.

One of the funniest episodes this season features Alex Karev dealing with an unruly, older woman who is on her death bed. She is rude, harsh and abrasive. Yet Karev works to deal with her attitude, all while trying to get money from her so he can bring African children to Seattle Grace for medical treatment. This is all part of his master plan to win Chief Resident. This episode was gripping while funny episode with the antics of the older woman taunting and berating Karev.

Season 6 saw many major events, many dramas and many moral dilemmas. Christina fights with her emotions after the shooting in the hospital. It was well done seeing her struggle as it was well thought out and well executed. Her return to surgery was a perfect setup. A college shooting put her right back into action, with the drive and need to help those who have now suffered an event similar to what she suffered through. It was a great episode to see her return to her surgical glory as she was on fire after this episode. I was extremely happy to have the old Christina back, and I’m glad they did not drag her surgical leave out for too long.

The most anticipated episode this season came with many questions as to whether this could make or break the series. And where I’ve seen some suggest that Grey’s has jumped the shark, I feel this episode was well executed. The episode titled “Song Beneath the Song” is an episode that goes way beyond the norm. It is an episode that showcases the vocal talents of the cast in the form of a musical. After Callie is involved in a major car accident, she begins to see the hospital in a unique way as the doctor’s battle to save her and her unborn child. I really enjoyed this episode as this is one that could have been easily ruined in a heart-beat. Though there were moments I felt the singing was a bit much, or didn’t seem right. We do see the episode through Callie’s eyes, which does explain why we see the doctor’s of Seattle Grace performing surgery and singing at the same time.

One of the biggest dilemmas encountered this season though was with Meredith and Derek. After her miscarriage, the couple still wanted to have a child, but with fertility treatments affecting Meredith’s eye sight, almost all hope seemed lost. After Karev brought the children over from Africa, Derek fell nothing short of in love with a baby who had come over for medical treatment. He was practically ready to adopt in an instant. However, the largest dilemma came in the form of Derek’s Alzheimer trials. With Meredith and Derek working together to help patients, it is soon discovered that Richard’s wife, Adele, is suffering from the disease.

Battling with the need to help Adele, Meredith makes a decision that can not only affect her, but everyone she loves and have dire consequences. Faced with a moral decision, she chooses to tamper with the Alzheimer trial, giving Adele the actual treatment when she is to receive the placebo. This single moment is the one I felt has the largest possible consequences and could have an ever-lasting effect on Seattle Grace.

The DVD set comes with a few bonus features for the fans.  However, not all the extra content is as exciting as I had hoped.

The first bonus feature includes deleted scenes. I felt many of the deleted scenes were slow and removing them from the final cut of the episodes was merited.  Some were funny and one in particular with a boy about to have surgery to remove a tumor was very heart-felt.  Unfortunately, these scenes did not add to the story and are definitely not missed from the episodes.

The second feature is the extended episode of the musical event, “Song Beneath the Song.”  It falls in with my previous statement of deleted scenes.  The added scenes to this episode actually brought it down and made the episode drag on.  I felt the episode was well executed in its original form.  Sadly, this extended version didn’t do anything for the episode except hurt it.

“The Music Event: Behind the Scenes” was an enjoyable piece covering the making of the musical episode.  I enjoyed seeing this and learning about the musical talents of the actors.  This is a very nice compliment to the musical episode and helps you to really understand just how much time and effort went into this kind of episode.

The feature that brought about a lot of fun was the outtakes.  I really enjoy watching outtakes and seeing people make mistakes while trying to remain serious.  My primary complaint about it is that it barely clocks in at over two minutes, making it way too short.  It definitely needed to be longer, but what little we get is definitely a gas!

The final feature brought to us in this DVD set is the complete “Message of Hope” webisode series.  These are fun to watch, as they keep the heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy intact and offering up more content to the fans.  If you never had the chance to watch these online then you’ll be pleased to catch them now.  These are definitely worth a look and I hope the creators of Grey’s continue to give us more webisodes in the upcoming season.

Season seven is one of the greatest seasons yet. Some may say Grey’s is in a decline, I feel it’s becoming a raging inferno that I hope to see get even bigger and better with the much anticipated season eight. If you haven’t seen season seven, need a refresh, or just love Grey’s Anatomy, this is the perfect DVD set to pick up and get ready for season eight. Grey’s Anatomy season 7 will be available on DVD September 13th.

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