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DVD Review: Go Diego,Go: Fiercest Animal Rescues

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I’m not one for children’s shows, but considering I have a two and half year old niece I will make an exception. Go, Diego, Go : Fiercest Animal Rescues is a brand new DVD that features the continuing adventures of Diego, his sister, Alicia, and his best friend, baby Jaguar. I must say that I enjoy the DVD, but what I enjoyed more was the fact that my niece was up and dancing around to the music and actually interacting with the program.

The DVD itself consists of three adventures, the first being a double length episode that features Diego’s cousins who want to know about the fiercest animals that he has encountered. So, as Diego enters his fiercest adventures cave, a hall of fame of sorts, he tells his cousins three stories about three of the fiercest animal adventures. Diego relays his adventurous encounters with a family of gorillas, a blue ring octopus, and a hippopotamus. He then is called to the town as an injured jaguar tries to find his way out. Diego and his small companion succeed in getting the jaguar out of the town and was also able to put this latest adventure into his hall of fame.

The second and third episodes on the DVD are standard Go, Diego, Go episodes with one animal being need of rescuing. In the second episode, Diego and his sister head to the rainforests of Colombia to replant the trees which house the cotton-top tamarin monkey. In the third and final episode on the DVD, Diego befriends a Pampas cat while rescuing her three kittens.

Now this DVD accomplishes two things: the first thing being able to inform a small child about animals and how they need to be protected. The second would be the usage of a second language; the fact that this show can teach a child how to speak Spanish is great. I find it entertaining to see the positive effect that this series has on kids, especially those at a very young age. As I watched this DVD with my niece, I noticed the way she speaks to the TV in response as she feels like Diego is actually talking to her.

I like the DVD’s episodes and the information that it provides. Most children don’t even realize that they are learning anything. This is one of those shows that I like to call informative entertainment, and this is what Nickelodeon does best: finds a way to educate and entertain.

Go, Diego, Go: Fiercest Animal Rescues comes out on DVD on July 19.

For more info and games head to Nickjr.com.

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