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DVD Review: Ghost Whisperer – The Complete Fourth Season

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Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you are in for one heck of a shock, and if you do, you are in for the ride of your life. In all honesty, I had not watched Ghost Whisperer prior to season four — not for lack of desire, but simply for lack of time. However, after watching this beyond awesome DVD collection of the entirety of season four, my husband, my daughter and I are all painfully hooked on this show.

Many twists and turns take place during the season — new characters are introduced, characters depart the show, heartache, tears and jubilation. The first episode of season four introduces viewers to Eli (Jamie Kennedy). Eli is a young psychology professor who experiences near death and comes away with the ability to hear ghosts. This is highly unsettling and a talent that he vehemently denies, until Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) convinces him differently. It is with time and proof that he is slowly able to accept this new part of his life. The character of Eli brings great humor and enjoyment to Ghost Whisperer; he quickly charms the viewers and endears himself to them.

On another front, viewers will be thrown for an emotional loop early on in this season. A beloved character is killed — yes, that would be the love of Melinda’s life, Jim (David Conrad). When I saw this, I was shocked and terribly upset (yes, I know, it’s just a show, but for goodness sakes…). Appropriately subtitled "Love Never Dies," this is the true underlying message and storyline of season four.

As Melinda deals with and helps each ghost that she encounters to come to terms with the life they are leaving behind and cross over into another life, she must also deal with the loss of her husband. However, Jim’s love for Melinda is so great and transcends all barriers, that he finds a way to stay in this life and this world.

With this, there are many steep hurdles that Jim much overcome as he takes over the life of another body whose spirit has just crossed over, suffers amnesia, and tries to figure out just who Melinda is and what mysteries she keeps. There is also a strange and intense feeling that he feels for Melinda, but will he be able to unblock his memory and remember his life as Jim, or the life of his new body, Sam? How long will Melinda be able to endure the pain of having her soul mate within reach, yet so far away?

If this all sounds just a bit out there, have faith, the storyline is spectacular and once you start watching, you will not want to stop. Lovers of ghost stories will feel an instant attraction to Melinda and her ability to see and help ghosts. What amazed me and really caught my attention is the fact that each story/episode starts out with the ghost seeming to be on the malicious side; however, the writers turn this around and every episode ends with the ghost having a truly innocent agenda. I find this to be incredibly interesting and suggestive of the wonderful talent of the show’s writers.

All 23 episodes which aired for season four are included in this six-disc collection. Episodes include “Firestarter,” where we are introduced to Eli and Melinda must help a young woman, who seemingly starts fires to cover up a secret, to cross over; “Save Our Soul,” in which Melinda encounters a young woman who tortures anyone staying in one particular room aboard the cruise ship in which she died; “Life on the Line,” the turning point for Melinda’s best friend, Delia ( Camryn Manheim), as she experiences her first haunting and a taste of what Melinda must endure in her life; “Greek Tragedy,” in which a sorority pledge goes terribly wrong and the life of one of the young girls rests in the hands of a long dead ghost of sororities past; and “Leap of Faith,” in which Melinda and Jim are truly reunited after a long battle of buried memories and worries of a love lost, all the while Melinda is trying to keep herself from a ghost’s clutches.

This is, of course, just a small sampling of all the delights that season four of Ghost Whisperer holds in store for its viewers. Both old and new fans of the show will treasure this collection, as they eagerly await the beginning of the new season. There are so many aspects to this show that there is something for everyone. There is the paranormal, there is romance, friendship, suspense, heartbreak, joy, excitement — and once it has a hold on you, it will not let you go.

I have not been so enraptured within a television series in years, as I am with Ghost Whisperer. My extreme love of the paranormal, mixed with ghost stories, haunting, and real life are all satisfied by this show. I am anxious to go back and watch the previous seasons and even more anxious to see what happens in season five. One thing is definite — this is a DVD collection that my family and I will be watching very often.

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