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DVD Review: Gene Fusion

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Gene Fusion is an animated movie with an intriguing idea behind it – what would happen if you could mix the best parts of different animals together into one body and make them fight another one? For example, put the speed of a cheetah with the mass of an elephant and the talons of a bird to create an excellent predator. That’s the basic idea.

In the year 2310, four children get targeted by flying gargoyle things and are subsequently rescued and taught to be ‘Fusers’, who use the animals to fight for entertainment. PETA and similar groups would have a field day, if they even exist three hundred years into the future.

As a kid’s movie, this is stuff that you’ve seen before. There’s the wise mentor who teaches them, as well as the geeky kid who wants to be a Fuser more than anything else, the jock kid who mocks the geek, and the girl who doesn’t want to be there at all, as she would be rather taking care of her family. There is also the obligatory alien villain (why are villains in kids’ shows always aliens?), who appears to have some sort of bizarre ventriloquist act going on with his own hat, as his lips move and he talks but the hat repeats after him.

The animation style reminds me of a computer game (the model for the character Gorath in particular reminds me of the Heavy from Team Fortress 2) and is somewhat strange in places (Gorath’s hands appear to be bigger than his head at times), but does allow them to pull off some ideas that wouldn’t work well in live action (like the Fusions, for one).

Presuming that you’re the kind of person who is interested in special features, you’ll be disappointed to hear that there are none on this disc. However, there’s not much ground that would be covered by these, so you can forgive the lack of special features in this case.

There are a few moments of humour that mainly come from the geek but they are few and far between. Otherwise it was pretty boring stuff, and quite forgettable too. As animated fare for children goes, you and they would both be better off watching something from the masters of animation such as Pixar and Aardman Animations. Leave this one on the shelf.

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