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DVD Review: Gas Hole

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I don’t know about you, but the last time I filled up my gas tank, I nearly had a coronary. If you’re like some Americans, you may think that the gas prices are going up, up, up because gasoline is in short supply. Gas Hole is an eye opening documentary that explains the real reasons gas prices are climbing higher and higher each day.

Gas Hole examines the effects of the ongoing crises in the Middle East along with the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan as it notes that oil prices are on the rise again after a short lull. These factors are tied to the coalition-led attack on Libya as well.

Gas Hole is narrated by Peter Gallagner (Covert Affairs, Californication) and features Joshua Jackson (Fringe). The documentary presents a historic look at oil prices and oil companies since the days of John D Rockefeller. It describes how the oil companies have controlled the market by buying up patents, buying out the competition, and manipulating the supply and demand of oil.

The documentary also takes a look at our continued reliance on foreign oil as well as a variety of other alternative fuel options. The hosts discuss how the oil companies have stopped technology that would allow us to get a thousand miles per gallon from our cars. It also offers information on bureaucratic roadblocks that the government has placed to stop these alternative fuels from being developed.

The documentary shows a wide range of opinions from officials at the U.S. Department of Energy, Democratic and Republican Congressional members, alternative fuel producers, alternative fuel consumers, professors of economics and psychology and more.

This movie is an eye-opening look at the real reasons for oil prices skyrocketing. It really has nothing to do with the weather, the Middle East or the amount of oil available. I had no idea that the government and the oil companies were tied so closely together. Gas Hole is written in a very easy to understand way, showing excerpts from Congressional meetings to back up what it’s saying. I recommend that everyone watch this movie. Oil prices are going to continue to go up and we need to understand why.

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  • randy parsons

    the first part is illogical. Some super vapor engine covered up by big oil. yea right. Some old guy says miles per gallon hasnt increased? say what?
    The rest is ok.

  • Dexter Riley

    Sadly documentaries that don’t have michael moore attached struggle to find an audience.

    this one deserves a look.

    nice review, ty