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DVD Review: Foyle’s War Set 6

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For Detective Chief Superintendent Christoper Foyle (Michael Kitchen), sitting on the sidelines of World War II in the British coastal town of Hastings is frustrating at best. He requests more involvement in war issues only to ignored by his superior officer. The frustration continues as there is a shortage of manpower. Due to that shortage, he is given a woman driver, Samantha "Sam" Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks). Sam not only had a past relationship with Foyle's son, Andrew, but she also longs to play a bigger part in the investigations and is not afraid to offer her opinions on cases. Foyle is also given Paul Milner (Anthony Howell), an injured former enlisted man whom Foyle believes is a gifted police officer. Like Sam, Paul wants more involvement. The one thing they can all agree on is that Hastings doesn't have a shortage of crime.

Anthony Horowitz's award-winning British series Foyle's War is back. Since its debut in the UK in October 2002 and on PBS in February 2003 the series has won critical praise and undying viewer loyalty. Returning for a three-episode encore, Foyle finds that even though he has resigned he has not been allowed to actually retire. In the aftermath of World War II Hastings still has plenty of intrigue to keep Foyle busy.

In "The Russian House" Foyle is asked to find an escaped Russian POW by British intelligence. However Foyle's search becomes entangled with a murder investigation being conducted by now Detective Inspector (DI) Paul Milner. Foyle and Milner's already uneasy relationship is tested even further.

Next up is "Killing Time." While waiting to return to the US an African American GI falls in love with a young woman. Foyle first meets the GI when he finds him in the road after he was beaten by white GIs. He meets him again at a hotel where Sam now works. When the Army payroll is stolen and a young woman murdered, Foyle has only one question: Did the GI murder the mother of his baby?

Finally we have "The Hide." Foyle begins to probe the reasons why an accused traitor will not defend himself. All the while DI Milner is investigating the murder of a young woman in Brighton. There is no way Foyle's probing will have anything to do with Milner's case or will it? Will Foyle tell the accused man why he wants to help him?

I am a huge fan of Foyle's War and have watched most of the previous episodes. Anthony Horowitz has managed to combine historical accuracy with a character-driven drama. Horowitz has an eye for beautiful scenery as well. You feel as though you are in post-war Britain. Michael Kitchen is fantastic as Christopher Foyle. He brings a quiet sort of knowledge and style to the character, one that is almost paternal. Honeywell Weeks is just as wonderful. She has given Sam a sort of hopeful and sunny disposition. Sam believes that deep down everyone is good. Anthony Howell is on the same par as Michael Kitchen. He shows that although Milner is frustrated with Foyle, he also looks up to him in a father-son sort of way.

Set 6 takes place in 1945 after the war and while you can watch the episodes out of order it is easier to watch them in order. Each episode is well written and acted, however for me "The Russian House" seemed to drag on a bit. While the episode is important in moving the series along I honestly could have done without it. Foyle's War Set 6 debuts on DVD on June 1, 2010 and will coincide with the debut on PBS in May. So grab the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

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