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DVD Review: Flicka 2

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A pretty, young girl is being raised in Pittsburgh by her grandmother who is suddenly struck with senility (hey, it could happen) and Kerry (Tammin Sursok) is shipped off to Wyoming to live with her father (Patrick Warburton). She’s a little bit street smart, and not at all happy about reuniting with the dad she doesn’t really know. The terrifying sound of the cock crowing in the morning is her introduction to country living.

When the wind shifts, her room—downwind of the barn—becomes aromatic. Ya’ think that’s bad? Her dad has a computer but he’s not connected to the Internet! You wouldn’t think it could happen but things get worse—a horse pooped on her cell phone. Not only that, the dog has gas!

Despite that she and a horse have never shared the same space (other than on TV), she bonds instantly with a wild mustang named, you guessed it, Flicka. Soon after their meeting she’s in the barn, cleaning horse poop off her cell phone, oblivious to the fact that there’s a rattlesnake ready to strike, coiled right next to her. Flicka breaks down the gate to her stall and crushes the snake, getting bitten in the process. Kerry, of course, is her nurse.

Will Flicka get up? Will Flicka eat? Do we care? Do we know how this is all going to end? Yes, Flicka 2 is about as formulaic as a movie can get. Are we surprised that Flicka doesn’t go to the great meadow in the sky in the first 20 minutes of the film? Not exactly.

Dad, being totally unsympathetic to teenage girls stranded in the wilds of Wyoming, assigns her chores that include collecting eggs and mucking out the stable. Clearly, a beautiful horse is not going to be enough to lift this child’s spirits. Enter the cute guy who works for her father (and is unable to tame Flicka). Are we surprised that he’s working his way to Nashville?

Let’s face it, us grownups know where this is all heading. Who is the audience for Flicka 2? I suspect tween girls, especially those that like horses. There’s enough conflict, peril, teen angst, and wolves (not to mention a mean girl) to keep the 8-12-year-old set interested, and enough father-daughter miscommunication to be relatable.

With stereotypical characters, tired plot devices, and lackluster performances, Flicka 2 is just not a movie that is going to set any sales records. Direct-to-DVD, it is available exclusively at Walmart.

There are special features on the disc: “A Conversation with Clint Black,” “Running Wild: The North American Mustang,” “Making Flicka 2,” and “Horsin’ Around.” For those who require an in-depth analysis of bonus features: you can learn a little bit about Clint Black, mustangs, and movie making, but don’t expect any hearty chuckles at the bloopers, unless you think it’s hilarious to watch people’s hats fall off.

Bottom Line: Would I buy/rent/stream Flicka 2? Don’t even go there.

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  • OK, but can Flicka write “FIRE” in the mashed potatoes when the barn catches fire? I bet Lassie could have!!

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    hi i like your move