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DVD Review: FlashForward – Part One, Season One

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FlashFoward's first season premiered on ABC in September of 2009.  The television series is loosely based on a novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer that was published in 2000. The series stars Joseph Fiennes as FBI Special Agent Mark Benford and Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe. FlashFoward: Part One, Season One contains the first ten episodes of the television series.

The basic premise of FlashFoward is that everyone in the entire world blacks out for about two minutes at exactly the same time. Airplanes crash, cars explode, chaos ensues. No surveillance cameras work during this time period so government officials (primarily the FBI) cannot figure out what's going on. Everything shows grey "snow." Slowly people start to realize that in addition to blacking out for two minutes, they've each had a dream or vision of their lives exactly six months into the future. Frighteningly, those that won't be alive in six months see nothing at all. The story takes place primarily in Los Angeles, California.

The FBI starts to piece together everyone's visions to try to figure out who is behind the blackouts and why they happened. They try to uncover whether the blackouts are some type of freak of nature or whether they were engineered for some sinister purpose. They discover one shadowy figure that doesn't black out portrayed on one surveilance camera and try to discover the person's identity to help solve the mystery. Meanwhile people are trying to figure out whether they should try to change the future by changing their lives and decisions or whether they should just accept what they've seen.

I thought this series was very well put together. I'd never watched the original series on TV so FlashForward was brand new to me. There are some violent parts, especially in the beginning during the chaos immediately after the blackouts, but for the most part, this is not an overly violent program. I loved the fact that the show deals not only with world events that may be happening in the future but also with events that may happen in people's personal lives. People see the results of some of their poor choices and question whether or not they can change their future or not by making better choices. All in all, a great science fiction series that has the ability to make people stop and think about their future without being obvious about doing so. The action and suspense will keep you watching each episode to find out what they discover next.

The DVD contains bonus features titled "Creating Catastrophe: The Effects Of A Global Blackout" and "FlashFoward: A Look Ahead" which is an exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming episode available only on DVD. The DVD is rated TV14 for drugs, language, sex, and violence. FlashFoward: Part One, Season One was released on February 23, 2010.

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