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DVD Review: Fantastic Four

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If there’s one thing viewers should carry away from the Fantastic Four movie — is that never, and we mean never, enlist the aid of anyone with the surname of Von Doom. Not even if it’s spelled differently — all Deum, Duum, Deom, Domm, and Doomme’s are generally not to be trusted.

Fantastic Four is a silly, silly movie. This is no Schindler’s List, and it’s not even an X-Men — it’s the B-movie version of a superhero film — good effects, a fairly bad story, but fun enough to lie back, eat popcorn, and not think.

Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffud), a genius who has no money (a common trait in all geniuses), asks the aid of his old friend and rival Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon) — what aid, you ask? Why, he wants to fly into space to research human DNA — what… why… how.. it doesn’t really matter. Just know that soon, people will be able to stretch, shoot fire, and oh, Jessica Alba will continue to be hot.

On the DNA space trip are Reed’s best friend, Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis), his ex-lover, Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), an employee of Doom (never, never work for a Doom), and her pilot brother, Johnny Storm (Chris Evans). But, as luck would have it, their experimental space voyage goes terribly wrong, and cosmic rays give them radiation poisoning and they all die horrible, horrible deaths. Unfortunately, that’s not true — instead, the cosmic rays give them all super powers. Ben Grimm is, of course, The Thing, a super-strong rock thing who really got the raw end of the superpower business, Johnny Storm can control fire and is now the Human Torch, Reed Richards with the ability to stretch extra-long, for some strange reason calls himself Mr. Fantastic — and finally, Sue Storm can not only turn invisible (why turn Jessica Alba invisible?) but also make force fields — which makes no sense, but that’s fine, she’s pretty.

Doctor Doom ends up being evil (huge surprise there), and the four must use their fantastic powers to stop him. A fun, silly, cheesy ride, Fantastic Four is one of those movies you watch when you really don’t feel like thinking. The DVD extras are fairly fun — a commentary track with Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Ioan Gruffudd is makes for a good listen, and there are also three deleted scenes, press tour footage, music videos, and few other features that should keep you entertained for a little while.

Fantastic Four isn’t exactly the kind of movie you rush out and buy, it’s the kind of movie you pick up at half-price when you have a bit of extra money on hand.

* DVD Features Include:

  • Available Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (DTS 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
  • Commentary by: Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, and Ioan Gruffud (Unknown Format)
  • 3 deleted scenes
  • The Fantastic Tour: Exclusive behind-the-scenes home video hosted by the entire cast
  • Making of Fantastic Four
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session & Making A Scene
  • Music videos: Everything Burns, Come On Come In, Music
  • Exclusive inside look at X-Men 3 – hosted by producer Avi Arad
  • Run Time: 106 minutes

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  • It’s already at half-price in some areas