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DVD Review: Exit Humanity – A Zombie Saga

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If there’s a new zombie movie or television show, you know I am going to be watching it. What better way to spend a Friday night than having the bejeezums scared out of you. You might think that once you’ve seen one zombie movie you’ve seen them all. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone seems to have their own opinion of what zombies are like from the time of day they come out to how lifelike they really are.

When I heard about Exit Humanity: A Zombie Saga, I knew I had to watch it. Exit Humanity has a neat twist for a zombie movie. It takes place in the Old West, right after the Civil War ends.

The movie begins with a flash forward; an ancient journal has just surfaced. The journal tells the story of one Edward Young. Young just returned home from fighting in the civil war to find his wife had been turned into a zombie and his young son is missing.  Forced to kill his wife, he heads off into the countryside to search for his son. 

One thing that struck me right off about Exit Humanity is that it actually has a real plot. Some zombie movies rely solely on blood, gore and violence to appeal to the audience. Exit Humanity is propelled by a real story line that you can follow and actually get into.

There are plenty of gory scenes and a fair amount of violence, but they don’t become the entire focus of the movie. The fact that it takes place in the 1870s makes the movie all that much more interesting.  The scenery was authentic and the whole movie had a very cohesive feel from start to finish. The acting is top notch and the special effects are very realistic.

The DVD comes with a few special features, including a two commentaries, one by the director and actor, and the other by the film’s producer. A making-of featurette is also included on the DVD. 

This movie was an official selection of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival (2011) and the Sitges International Film Festival (2011).  It was also a Grand Jury prize winner at the Little Rock Film Fest.  

I definitely recommend Exit Humanity: A Zombie Saga for those who have a thing for zombies. It’s definitely one of the more memorable zombie movies I’ve seen. It is not rated but I would definitely give this one an R and keep this one for the grown ups.

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  • Nice review, Ellen. I hadn’t heard of Exit Humanity and will definitely have to check it out. Love zombie stories with a real plot. Thanks!

  • SeaTrout

    The “Old West”??? It took place in Tennessee [personal attack deleted by comments editor]. Did you actually see the movie…and do you own an Atlas?

  • Regardless of the actual state, the movie had that type of theme to it. Perhaps I should have said country instead.