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DVD Review: Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt

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Making time to work out can be a difficult task, not everyone has the time to stop everything they are doing to work out! But who doesn’t have 10 minutes? The new workout DVD from Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt gives you 10 minutes full of hard work. If you have never heard of Core Fusion it is a combination of yoga, Pilates, strength training and Core Fusion’s own brand of movement. Core Fusion was created and is lead by the husband and wife team, Fred DeVito and Elizabeth Halfpapp.

The workout consists of five10-minute workouts that can be done individually or you can run the DVD for the full 50 minutes for the full burn, but I am new to yoga and Pilates so I started easy with just one 10-minute workout a day. The movements may not look hard, but you will feel the stretch and later on you will burn the next day.

The workout is broken up into 5 segments: “Power Fusion,” “Strength Flow,” “Power Flow,” “Strength & Balance” and “Abs & Glutes,” plus a short bonus stretch portion. In “Power Fusion” your coordination and flexibility are tested. I could feel my body fighting to stay balanced. The moves are slight, but you do feel the burn. It looks easier than it is. If you are new to yoga look up the proper form for plank, warrior 1, warrior 2, upward dog and downward dog.

When you move on to “Strength Flow” the workout goes at a faster pace. The movements are more fluid than in “Power Fusion” and you will add more weights and pushups, which I can barely do. Be ready, it gets tougher and you should be aware of your breath. All the exercises will be easier to follow after watching the DVD a few times.

“Power Flow” really pushes you with pushups and weights. “Strength & Balance” really targets your arms and legs. The instructors concentrate on your biceps and balance.

And finally “Abs & Glutes,” really targets your core with tiny movements that you would think would not make a difference, but they do. After a segment of core exercise, the instructor Fred moves on to the butt and leg. Hoping for a better booty after all these legs lifts. And then we end with a short stretch with your weights. I was hoping for an easy cool down stretch, nope not with Power Sculpt it was hard for us uncoordinated, clumsy people.

There is always a modified version of each exercise for real beginners like me. I found the instructors Elizabeth and Fred to be encouraging without being overbearing. They were always relaxed and calm, making the exercise very enjoyable and energizing. Cameron Diaz, Brooke Burke, Samantha Harris, Anna Paquin and Vanessa Hudges are fans of the Core Fusion technique.  I had one gripe in the separate 10-minute segments, the DVD didn’t transition well and I thought my DVD was messed up until I saw that the new segment began.

If you enjoy yoga, but you want to add weights then this is the workout to try. 

Retail Price: $16.99

Duration: 55 minutes



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