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DVD Review: ER – The Complete Fourth Season

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Before there was CSI, ER ruled the drama world. It was the number 1 rated show on television for years. And watching the various episodes of The Complete Fourth Season, there’s little doubt why. This character-driven drama about the second to second goings on of a Chicago emergency room, this show lured you in and made you care about what was going on in the lives of each and every one of these fictitious characters.

Opening the season with Dr. Greene’s (Anthony Edwards) return from taking a severe beating in the ER, this season was, by far, the most intense of all the seasons they had except Season 5, which featured the unreal knifing of Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) and Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin). This season was filled with tension, as it worked it’s way thorugh career changing decisions, Greene’s attempts to come back from his assault at work, the relationship between Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) and head nurse Carol Hathaway (Juliana Margulies). Additional tensions develop between the nursing track, as well as the inner-professional jealousies between Greene and Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes). Throughout the course of these 22 episodes, you can’t help but feel for these people who’s stressful lives and careers are featured on this show.

While the material in season 4 is outstanding, Warner Bros. Gets an A+ for the exceptional way in which they put this package together. The packaging is very sharp. The 4 fold, 6-CD holding packaging is beautiful, while the credit booklet is very detailed with each episode’s synopsis, casting information and chapter breakdown information. Of all the television season’s that I’ve received for review over the last year or so, this is by far the best packaged collection I’ve received.

RATING – 9/10ER built it’s following on the strength of being emotionally on the edge throughout each minute of every episode. They infused the occasional amounts of humor with brilliant writing and intense drama…and it works on every episode. Before the cast members started defecting away, this show was by far the best thing on TV. This collection is 20 hours of the best television you will ever watch.

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