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DVD Review: Elvis Found Alive

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And now from the fertile mind of Joel Gilbert, the man who gave us Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison, we now have his latest release, Elvis Found Alive. So in the world of Joel Gilbert, Paul McCartney is dead and Elvis Presley is alive, and may I say, “Oh lord and away we go.”

Elvis Is Alive, which will be released January 24, is being advertised as a documentary. A documentary film can be historical, express an opinion, carry a message, and be dramatic but at its foundation it is based on fact. Fiction, on the other hand, is imaginary and not factual. Let’s see where Mr. Gilbert’s latest release falls.

Joel Gilbert visited Graceland and became suspicious as to the validity of Elvis’ death. He made a Freedom of Information Act request for U.S. government files about Elvis Presley. Lo and behold documents arrived from the FBI revealing an address for Federal Agent Jon Burrows, which turns out to be Elvis’ alias. After a brief confrontation, Elvis agreed to an exclusive interview.

Elvis talks about how the social unrest of the late 1960s and terrorism by the Weather Underground drove him to ask President Nixon to make him a Federal Agent. His battles against the Weather Underground finally lead him to fake his death in order to go undercover. He now wants to return to his singing career, but the Obama administration is preventing it.

The production values are right out of the Ed Wood School of Cinematography but without the amusement factor. One thing that Gilbert is very good at doing is taking modern myths and legends and combining facts and fiction to create his stories. I guess a fictionalized documentary would be the best definition of his approach. Some people may find it interesting or at least amusing but at 128 minutes, either of those is a stretch.

First there was Paul McCartney and now Elvis. Can Marilyn Monroe be far behind? There may be some appeal for hardcore fans of the king or people who keep the hope alive that he really is still with us. So, if you really gotta, grab a 12 pack and have at it.

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  • Mickey Elvis Moran

    The person on the DVD is not Elvis but Elvis is alive. elvisconspiracy.webs.com

  • Claudia

    I believe the film was put together tactfully and well thoughtout.. It made you think, especially if you grew up during that era. The movie held your attention…..Good job!!!

  • Dale Hansen as Elvis . com

    Yes, it would be nice if Elvis were still alive. But, come on folks. REALLY??? I love Elvis and I consider myself one of his biggest fans, now and always. I have been doing a tribute to Elvis show since 1984 and no one could wish he was still alive more than me. Imagine, I wouldn’t have to die my hair black any longer to do my shows. Plus there would be new songs to sing since I understand that this Jon Burrows has recorded a new cd. That would all be great. Look at the picture of this supposed aged Elvis. Don’t you think it was photoshopped? Sure looks like it to me. How could Elvis be seen in public looking like this but much younger without being recognized? Until this Jon Burrows gives some of his DNA to be analized by a reputable laboratory and compared with know DNA sample from Elvis himself, and it comes back a 100% positive match, I will still believe that Elvis Arron Presley died at the age of 42 years on August 16th 1977.


    I am hoping ELVIS is alive as long as he is happy and he is happy to be alive. He has had much happiness and too much sadness in his life, I don’t blame him for not wanting to be around any more. Where ever he has been all these years, that is if he is alive, I only hope he has been so happy and he should never reget what he decided to do. He will always be loved by all his fans, especially me. I only wish that someday I can meet him….I truly love him……..Barbara

  • joe

    GOOD FILM if fact or fiction,enjoyed it much.

  • Elvis had two Social Security Numbers: 427-05-5273 issued in MS and 409-52-2002 issued in TN. The one issued in TN is listed in the social security death index file as deceased on August 16th, 1977. The one issued in MS was still being used, with a line of credit, as late as August, 1996, under the following information: Jon Burrows, 2901 Columbus Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76106.
    Mickey Moran
    Elvis Conspiracy Group

  • Uh oh, parallel universe alert!

  • Dana Louise

    This DVD is not Elvis. It’s true he did not die in 1977. He is still alive and living as his still born brother Jesse. Please see the website of one of his closest friends at Linda Hood He is alive and doing well.

  • sheelagh zaklukiewicz

    As well as being free

  • sheelagh zaklukiewicz

    Last comment . There is always hope and the faith of an angle.The angle that might bring MR ELVIS PRESLEY back,To the light .That he very well deserves to go back too. Not stage light. But to his light of his guardian angle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sheelagh

  • carol

    I know how any one eles may feel but for those of us who in our hearts believe that elvis may still be with us i hope with all my heart that it is ture because nothing would bring more happines to those of us who still love him and and always will.And you know seeing is not always believing some times believing is seeing think about it.