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DVD Review: Earthquake Presents: From the Outhouse to the White House

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Earthquake Presents: From the Outhouse to the White House is a stand-up comedy show on DVD released by Image Entertainment. This DVD is hosted by Earthquake, who stars in the television program Everybody Hates Chris. It features stand-up comedy routines by Sheryl Underwood (BET's Comic View), Joe Clair (longtime host of BET's Rap City), Don "DC" Curry (Next Friday), Dominique (Chappelle's Show), and Dezz White (LMAO Comedy Tour).

The comedy tour takes place in Washington DC's Constitution Hall where Earthquake shares his thoughts on having the first African American in the White House. Earthquake introduces each comic before their skit. In between Earthquake's ponderings, the comics offer their reflections on what this "historic election" means to America.

This movie is not rated; however, it does contain a warning on the back that it "Contains Explicit Language." Now, I'm not a prude. I don't mind the occasional well-placed expletive in an adult show when it's used to make a point. This comedy show goes far beyond the occasional well-placed expletive. If you removed the swear words and foul language, the video would easily be half as long as the 80 minutes it took me to watch it.

Notably, Sheryl Underwood was the only comedienne who didn't have a routine filled with foul language. She was also the only comedienne who self-identified as a Republican. I enjoyed her routine although it was one of the shorter routines in the show.

I found a majority of the comedy show to be racist and rather insulting. I don't think I have heard so many instances of the "n" word in one place in my entire life. When Don "DC" Curry made fun of Sarah Palin's Down Sydrome child, that was just the height of inappropriateness.

The DVD cover states that it "reflects on President Barack Obama's historic election and what it means for America." I didn't see that. What I did see was a group of comics focused on the color of our new President's skin, not on what he is going to accomplish — not on why this was an historic occasion — not on changes they were hoping for — only on the fact that he was African American. I was expecting much more.

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