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DVD Review: Duckman – Seasons Three and Four

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Quick! Name a lewd and crude animated show that aired in the ‘90s. Nope, I’m not talking about South Park, I’m talking about Duckman, which aired on the USA Network from 1994-1997 and could be seen as a predecessor to that show.

Duckman starred Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) as a foul-mouthed private eye, who is barely passable as a P.I. and only succeeds thanks to his partner, one Cornfed Pig. His family life isn’t much better. His wife Beverly died before the show started and now he lives with his sister-in-law Bernice (Nancy Travis) who doesn’t like Duckman, his comatose mother-in-law who is highly flatulent, and his three children, Ajax, and Siamese twins Charles and Mambo.

Duckman, like South Park, was ahead of its time and poked fun at long established traditions and what was hot or controversial at the moment. The animation is also crude but that adds to the charm of the show. Duckman never got the ratings it deserved but it achieved a cult status. Seasons one and two were released a few months ago and contained the show's first 22 episodes. This time out Duckman Seasons 3 & 4 have the remaining 48 episodes, bringing the entire series to DVD.

Alexander will always be known as the highly excitable George Costanza, but Duckman could be seen as the animated counterpart to that character.

While there are 48 episodes in this set, this series has very few extras. There are three featurettes totaling under 20 minutes. "Video of the Original Animatic and Animation from the Unaired Pilot with Everett Peck and Gregg Berge" runs about 15 minutes and has Peck and Berge (who voice Cornfed) talking about the original pilot that led to the series.

“Walk Cycles, Expression, Storyboards and Pencil Tests” is a very brief extra that just has animatics of the various characters walking and doing various expressions. The last extra is selected storyboard scenes from "I, Duckman" which is the pilot for the series. This set could have benefited from some commentaries or behind the scenes featurettes, but fans of this series will be very glad this cult favorite is finally out on DVD.

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