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DVD Review: Drawn Together – Uncensored! Season Three

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Comedy Central's Drawn Together was originally conceived as a cartoon spoof of reality television series such as Big Brother and The Real World — eight distinctly different characters are flung together and forced to put up with each other . Throughout many strange and outright bizarre adventures, the eight roommates push each other's buttons and tear each other apart.

The cast of characters are all over the top cartoon versions of the combustible personalities that have come together to make reality television such a success. Princess Clara (voiced by Tara Strong), is beautiful and possesses a wonderful singing voice. She is also a conservative Christian who frowns on anything she considers sinful. Pampered by her wealthy father the King, she hates minorities but is trying to befriend the only black roommate in the house, Foxxy Love.

Thumbnail image for drawn_together.jpgVoiced by Cree Summer, Foxxy is the street smart one and sexually hyperactive; she is bisexual but trends toward any man she can find. Captain Hero (voiced by Jess Harnell) is a seriously dumbed-down version of Superman. A series of contradictions, Captain Hero is a dedicated male chauvinist while also being bi-curious. Unlike Superman, Captain Hero is dumb as a box of rocks, has no regard for safety and no superpowers.

Wooldoor Sockbat (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) has a childish naiveté that is constantly exploited by his housemates. Spanky Ham (voiced by Adam Carolla) loves juvenile humor centered on bodily functions, much to the discomfort of his roommates. Xandir P. Wifflebottom (voiced by Jack Plotnick) is the overly dramatic one, and by Drawn Together's third season, he is openly gay. Ling-Ling (voiced by Abbey McBride), is a homicidal maniac. Unintelligible, his dialogue is always subtitled. He enjoys the brutal mating rituals he engages in with the female battle monsters. Lastly, Toot Braunstein (voiced by Tara Strong) was a sex symbol back in the 1920s but is now overweight, very horny, suicidal, and cannibalistic.

By season three, Drawn Together had all but abandoned its original premise of spoofing reality television. Instead the season's fourteen episodes focus on gun control, eating, having copious amounts of sex, getting stranded in a mall parking lot, pledging a Greek fraternity, and getting revenge for a gang rape. Only two of season three's episodes are parodies, but by freeing the show of the constraints of just doing knockoffs, the series creators and the amazing voice talent are able to go full on into debauchery.

Whenever I watch the uncensored versions of series like Drawn Together or Lil' Bush, I am continually amazed at the freedom Comedy Central gives artists to express their ideas. It is amazing that Drawn Together is given the opportunity to wallow in racist jokes, rampant sex, and masturbation in this politically correct atmosphere.

The risqué nature of Drawn Together – Uncensored! Season Three is not the reason to buy this DVD set. The writing and voice talent are first rate and the use of pop culture archetypes throughout the show is truly a stroke of genius.

If you haven't assumed so by now, Drawn Together is NOT a cartoon for children or for adults who prefer politically correct cartoons. Drawn Together is rude, crude, politically incorrect, and hilariously funny if you enjoy this kind of humor.

Drawn Together – Uncensored! Season Three is a two-DVD set. The video is presented in full screen format. The audio is in Dolby Digital 2.0.

The set offers four audio commentaries featuring a mix of producers, episode director, and voice talent talking about the brilliance of the show or something completely unrelated. There are also three montages of season premiere promos. The set also includes a couple of promos for other Comedy Central projects.

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    Esta serie es demasiado gay y grosera, un humor que pocos gustan.
    A decir verdad prefiero south park.